Sunday, November 29, 2020

Dell Alienware M15 R3 Review - Better Cooling System & Increased Performance

I always love it when I get to experience Dell's premium products because they always have a lot of differences compared to the numerous laptop designs on the market and here the Alienware M15 r3 a typical example of being different. This is the third rendition of the m15 since dell released this. Thin and light gaming laptop from the look. There's no difference compared to last year's model r2 but let me show you how it's different. Overall there's not much that has changed on the outside actually the differences mostly lie in the fine tuning of internal hardwares and after a week of playing with this thing I found that there's two main differences of this r3 model compared to last year's r2.

That's material and the cooling system. I'm going to start with the cooling system because this is possibly the biggest change on the r3 this year. Dell has redesigned the internal cooling system without having to increase the machine's footprint specifically they use more copper on the heatsinks and more fan blades and especially they've used a hybrid system combining the traditional heat pipe mechanism and the more advanced vapor chamber technology. The vapor chamber is put underneath the cpu which is the hottest part of the system whereas the gpu still uses traditional air cooling. The efficiency of vapor chamber is quite clear, it's liquid so it releases heat faster and more evenly than traditional heat pipes. It has been used in the Razor blade 15 or the xbase 9700 and now dell has applied a hybrid system for this m15 r3. However the question remains has this r3 managed to fix a concerning problem of its predecessor? Does it run cooler and the answer is unfortunately no.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

A Beginners Guide to CPU Specs - Processor, RAM, Graphics Cards

Here's a good question - How do you know what to look for in a CPU? What do all those specifications mean maybe some of them are quite obvious some of them maybe not so much and to all those specifications really matter and what to really look for and what really determines your price and what exactly are you looking for. So those are a couple things to consider and I think it's pretty important when shopping for CPU now that the Ryzen 5 has been released we have an incredible CPU and a credible price so there's a lot of options on the market right now. It's important to look for these things when shopping for a CPU and I'm going to tell you how to it.

There are a couple things to consider when shopping for CPUs. I know that all sounds like a lot might be a little overwhelming at first but we're going to go through these one at a time so don't worry I'm going to hold your hand to this process as no one held mine think I'm funny but not anyways. Moving on and we're just going to go in the surface level with these subtopics and specifications we'll look for as there is an incredible amount of depth you can look into all these things, just keeping it in a generic sense so before we get into anything it is important to note that there are only two brands when it comes to desktop CPUs Intel and AMD and in that shell Intel's more expensive and AMD is more budget-friendly. Intel's traditionally known to be the more efficient and better performance of the CPUs but at a higher cost while AMD provided more budget oriented CPU but had less performance compared to Intel.

Monday, November 9, 2020

iPad Air 4 (2020) Review

In many ways this tablet is just an ipad pro but at a more affordable price and missing a few key features with a few additions as well. First let's talk about the design, the ipad air comes in a variety of these new colors that are muted kind of pastel tones. I'm a big fan of the green one personally but they all look pretty nice. The design is the same as a 2018 ipad pro from front to back, it's thin and lightweight feels great to hold, works with the apple pencil 2 and magic keyboard as well or as any other ipad pro accessory but with the brand new fingerprint scanner power button, try to avoid bumper cases that cover up that scanner because you won't be able to use it.

Speaking of the fingerprint scanner there is no face id but that's not necessarily a bad thing, the fingerprint scanner in the power button is really a perfect position to have, many android phones have done it and they've been right pretty much all along in some ways. It's actually better than face id you just put your finger on it you rest it, there for like half a second it unlocks almost always works. You don't have to look at the tablet to swipe up, it just makes a lot of sense and I personally love it. There's dual speakers on this device versus, quad on the ipad pro but they do still sound quite solid. There's usb-c for plugging in accessories drives and just charging up the ipad.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Gaming CPU's Ryzen 5900X Vs i9-10900K Review with Benchmarks

AMD have just launched their ryzen zen 3 processors and in this article we're going to get straight into the numbers with those gaming benchmarks, where i've tested here in 1080p, 1440p and 4k. Focus will be on the 5900x that's the Ryzen 9 5900x that uses seven nanometers and comes in at a price point of $549, but we'll also throw in the 5950x results for you guys that are thinking about getting this CPU. As well in terms of the 5800x and also the 5600x, I am still waiting on them to come in and we will talk about the overclocking a little bit later but going through all these 1080p Numbers, 1440p and even 4k.

We coupled this with the RTX 3090 (Founder’s) and also the ASRock x570 Taichi motherboard that the performance out of the Zen 3 cpus is absolutely phenomenal, it's pretty much matching that of a 10900K and so depending on the game and you're probably going to see this with the heaps of other games that are getting tested out there depending on the game they are going to trade blows. That was pretty much my overall conclusion of looking at these results, I couldn't really put my finger on which one was the gaming king, basically pick a title roll the dice and whether the 5900x or the 10900k perform better than one another is really going to depend on that title.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Selecting the Right Bike Frame Size, Stack and Reach

Why it's so difficult to find the right bike? After a quick look online, it's obvious that there are loads of people out there trying to find the right size frame, if you're in the market for a new bike and struggling, we're going to try and address some of the pitfalls and give a few tips on how you can find the right frame size for you.

So why is it so hard to find the right frame size is it because frame sizes are a bit misleading i think we're still sizing bikes like it's 1984. I think this is the case with seemingly with bike manufacturers, it's the case in bike shops and with a lot of the information that you read online and by that statement I mean that in 1984 a bicycle was designed and proportioned very differently.

So a 56 centimeter bike would have a 56 centimeter top tube it'd have a 56 centimetre seat tube an 80 millimeter stem and no handlebar drop so the handlebar and salad were more or less the same right i'm talking like kind of great with monday fast forward 35 years and a 56 centimeter bike is very very different. It has a 56 and a half to 57 centimeter top shoe it's got 50 centimeter seat tube 120 ml stem and 10 centimeters of handlebar drop the point i'm making is is a significantly bigger bike than it than it would it would have been 35 years ago and i i think that this whole uh mindset hasn't hasn't really changed to put them to give a bit of context i'm five foot ten i ride a 52 centimeter off the shelf race bike so if i was going to buy such a bike i'd buy 52 centimetres of cannondale or specialized or trek.