Up Song Lyrics Meaning - Cardi B

Read Cardi B - Up Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Release Date : February 5, 2021 Record Label : Atlantic Records Songwriter : Belcalis Almanzar, Edis Selmani, James D. Steed Producer : DJ SwanQo, Sean Island, Yung Dza Cardi probably makes a double-entendre in reference to American former professional basketball player and sports analyst Shaquille O'Neal, who weighs 325 pounds and is 7ft and 1 inch tall. Giving the possible use of the term “racks” to indicate the breasts, the Bronx-based artist is probably keeping on the theme of body celebration. However, as the same term can also refer to money, these lines could also reaffirm her success and her wealth since she signed her first, multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records, a topic Cardi already addressed before, on songs like the 2018 smash hit “I Like It”. Balenciaga is a Paris-based fashion house founded by designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. In September of 2020, Cardi partnered with Balenciaga as the face of a mar

Gravity Song Lyrics Meaning - Brent Faiyaz ft. Tyler The Creator & DJ Dahi

Read Brent Faiyaz ft. Tyler The Creator & DJ Dahi - Gravity Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Release Date : January 29, 2020 Record Label : Lost Kids Records Songwriter : Steve Lacy, Tyler, The Creator, DJ Dahi & Brent Faiyaz Producer : DJ Dahi Brent is willing to do almost anything for her; except stay down for her. This also may be referencing the hook for his 2017 song Stay Down, where he sings; Call me, I’ll be right away (I’ll be there, girl, stay right there) Tell me if you gonna stay down (Will you stay down?) I’ll be waitin' night and day (I’ll be waitin' night and day) But only if you gonna stay down (stay down, stay down) Before, he would show his loyalty to women with consistency, but it is obvious that time has past since these two songs. Brent would rather please a woman with his immense wealth instead of just being there for her, which may be referencing his trust issues as well.

All Caps Song Lyrics Meaning - Madvillain

Read Madvillain - All Caps Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : Madvillainy Release Date : March 23, 2004 Record Label : Stones Throw Records Songwriter : Americo Galindez Producer : Madlib DOOM let’s everyone know from the beginning that he is the king of rapping. The line is a reference to Rakim’s line from “My Melody”: It’ll be tragedy catastrophe and after that you’ll call me your majesty DOOM is also known as King Geedorah, and the character Doctor Doom, which MF DOOM is named after, was the King of Latveria.

drivers license Song Lyrics Meaning - Olivia Rodrigo

Read Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : - Release Date : January 8th, 2021 Record Label : Republic Records Songwriter : Olivia Rodrigo Producer : Dan Nigro The track features sound of a car door opening, keys jangling, and the car beeping. The beep soon transforms into part of the song’s backing track, perhaps mirroring Rodrigo’s transformation of her experiences with driving into a musical expression of her heartbreak. The intro places the listener in the driver’s seat, effectively evoking the experience of a lonely, tear-filled drive at night. It’s rumored that Olivia and co-star on HSM: The Musical: The Series, Joshua Bassett, dated during the filming of the show in 2019, calling it quits in early 2020. In July 2020, Joshua and singer Sabrina Carpenter were spotted together on a protest, starting the rumours that the two of them were dating. Olivia posted on her Instagram the demo version of the song a couple weeks later.

Accordion Song Lyrics Meaning - Madvillain

Read Madvillain - Accordion Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : Madvillainy Release Date : March 23, 2004 Record Label : Stones Throw Records Songwriter : Americo Galindez Producer : Madlib The hour of his death. Refer to the next couple lines for evidence. To knock also means to ignore or downplay. Could be about the mainstream ignoring excellent hip hop (eg, the ‘slick blaster’, Madvillain). DOOM knew he’d be famous. Here, he’s predicting it’ll be during the final hours of his life. Daniel Dumile (DOOM’s real name) and Madlib begin with a double “D” and “M” like Dick Dastardly and Muttley (however, some research suggests that it is possible that DOOM’s real name isn’t Daniel. Dick Dastardly could also stand for Dr. Doom). Fellow villains Dick Dastardly and Muttley are cartoon characters – a man and a dog, respectively – that appeared in a number of Hanna Barbera shows. Dick Dastardly is the one that does the talking, just like DOOM. Muttley had a trademark wheezing laug

On Me Song Lyrics Meaning - Lil Baby

Read Lil Baby - On Me Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Release Date : December 2020 Record Label : Quality Control Music Producer : Chi Chi & EVRGRN The Cullinan is a luxury sport utility vehicle produced since 2018 by British luxury automobile manufacturer Rolls-Royce. Most of Rolls-Royce’s car models come with a Starlight Headliner feature, which projects light onto the ceiling of the car in the shape of stars. In December 2018, Quality Control’s co-founder and CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas gifted Baby a custom Rolls-Royce Cullinan for his 24th birthday. Lil Baby mentioned the $400.000 vehicle and its Starlight Headliner feature on his 2020 song “Get Money”: Cullinan with the stars in it, got the captain seats in the back. He means that he can’t do nothing wrong with his children and that he takes them seriously, unlike some rappers. He will sacrifice everything for his little boys. Being financially literate is something that Lil Baby has constantly been working on, as he has

Gnat Song Lyrics Meaning - Eminem

Read the Eminem - Gnat Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : Music to Be Murdered By: Side B Release Date : December 18, 2020 Record Label : Shady, Aftermath, Interscope Records Songwriter : Eminem Producer : Dr. Dre , Eminem, d.a. got that dope This is one of the producer tags of Chicago producer d.a. got that dope. It’s spoken by Ohama Bam, and has become so recognisable he changed his name from DA Doman. He has also produced 3 other songs for Eminem’s album Music to Be Murdered By: “Godzilla,” “No Regrets” and “Those Kinda Nights.” Eminem uses the origins of the virus to make a pun about how he wastes no time offering hard-hitting lyrics. He may also be implying that his lyrics are infectious or difficult to stomach. Em has frequently brought up the coronavirus in 2020 and he mentions the worldwide phenomenon throughout Music to Be Murdered By: Side B, starting with “Alfred’s Theme.”