Thalaivaa Movie Review

Read Thalaivaa Movie Review Starring Vijay, Amala Paul, Sathyaraj, Santhanam. Directed by AL Vijay.

‘Ramadorai’ AKA ‘Anna’ (Sathyaraj) is the leader of the masses in Mumbai. He takes care of the well-being of the Tamil residents in the state. His son ‘Vishwa’ (Vijay) owns a dance school in Australia and is oblivious of his father’s dominion back in India.

Vishwa meets ‘Meera’ (Amala Paul) and falls head over heels in love with her. Meera’s father insists on meeting Vishwa’s father before accepting the proposal. But Ramadorai is reluctant to meet them so Vishwa and the others plan a surprise visit.

Things get serious when Meera reveals her true intentions. The shocking incidents compel Vishwa to change tracks. The romantic young man turns a powerful don and takes on the bad elements.

How he goes about his mission and what happens to Meera form the crux of the story.

Story Review:
A common man emerging as a don in his pursuit to save the innocent from the clutches of ruthless goons and selfish politicians is nothing new to Indian cinema. Thalaivaa is just another refurbished version of all the old films combined.

AL Vijay pretty well knows that the expectations for actor Vijay’s film have sky rocketed after the super show of Thuppakki. He has tried his best to bring the best out of the actor. Vijay does his usual best in dancing and action sequences. But he does not look convincing as a powerful don. The attire and the body language could have been better.

The director openly acknowledges the inspirations for his film. Inspiration is not a sin but one expects that the adaptation must have some novelty. The director grossly fails in this account. The movie’s script leaves much to be desired as it looks like a copy-paste of many films. That many predictable sequences make things worse for the film.

However, the twist just before the intermission and the chasing of a pick-pocket are quite impressive.

The second half is rather slow despite having Vijay in almost all the scenes. The romantic and lighter scenes in the first half are more impressive.

It is Vijay all the way. The first half is filled with his outstanding show in dance and romance. He scores well in actions sequences in the second half. But his body language as a reluctant don is unimpressive.
Sathyaraj in a small but powerful role is awesome. Santhanam provides some comical moments with his usual comments.
Amala Paul looks fresh and acts well. She performs well in both serious and lighter sequences.
GV Prakash's music is one of the highlights of the movie. “Vanakkanganna…” song stands out.
Nirav Shah's cinematography has shown Mumbai in a never-before seen way.

Watch the movie for:
Vijay’s performances in action and dance sequences
GVP’s background score and songs
Sathyaraj’s characterization

You can skip this movie for:
Heavily “inspired” storyline
Slow second half
Vijay unconvincing don act

On the whole Thalaivaa is not for the regular viewer.