Verdict: Film Critics have given Positive Reviews to Jolly LLB 2 Movie Starring Akshay Kumar, Annu Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, Saurabh Shukla, Ram Gopal Bajaj.
Jolly LLB 2 Reviews
Ratings: 6/10

Score: 70%
Reviews Counted: 33
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Director: Subhash Kapoor
Producer: Fox Star Studios
Writer: Subhash Kapoor
Genre: Black Comedy
Release Date: 10 February 2017

Rohit Vats | Hindustan Times: 3/5 | 6/10
Akshay Kumar raises poignant, uncomfortable questions, takes a cue from the original Jolly, Arshad warsi, and adds his own touch to it ... Full Review

Meena Iyer | Times of India: 4/5 | 8/10
Akshay changes shades from crooked to straight, like a chameleon. In top-form, he puts up a perfect display of a street-smart lawyer who hasn’t read legal tomes but who has instead picked up tips from courtroom corridors to become Jolly LLB ... Full Review

Shubra Gupta | The Indian Express: 3/5 | 6/10
Akshay Kumar film is such a cracking watch because it goes bravely where few films go these days: send across a message which doesn't feel forced about gender equality, religious amity and probity in legal profession ... Full Review

Shomini Sen | News18: 3/5 | 6/10
Akshay Kumar's Comic-drama Is Not As Sharp As Its Prequel yet Engaging ... Full Review

Saibal Chatterjee | NDTV: 3/5 | 6/10
Akshay Kumar's film does well not to take itself too seriously. Scintillating? No. Enjoyable? Absolutely. It has the feel of a good-natured banter between friends rather than that of an inflated inquest conducted from a pedestal ... Full Review

Taran Adarsh | Bollywood Hungama: 3.5/5 | 7/10
JOLLY LLB 2 comes across as a powerful courtoom drama which is laced with humour as well as emotions ... Full Review

Surabhi Redkar | Koimoi: 3/5 | 6/10
Entertaining As Well As Hard Hitting. Akshay Kumar fans and Jolly LLB fans both will be satisfied with this film that has a mix of comedy, emotion and some serious commentary on judiciary system ... Full Review

Sukanya Verma | Rediff: 3.5/5 | 7/10
Akshay does complete justice! Jolly LLB did well with its droll depiction of a small-time lawyer and how his guilty conscience encourages him in vindicating the downtrodden. In its sequel, Akshay Kumar does it even better ... Full Review

Anna MM Vetticad | FirstPost: 2.5/5 | 5.5/10
Akshay Kumar, Subhash Kapoor pull off emotional resonance in this patchy film. When it’s good, Jolly LLB 2 is alternately amusing and moving. Sadly, the patchy treatment leaves it sagging too often ... Full Review

Sarita Tanwar | DNAIndia: 3/5 | 6/10
Jolly LLB has its flaws but it makes up with its honesty and of course, the superb performances from the cast ... Full Review

Ananya Bhattacharya | India Today: 3.5/5 | 7/10
Akshay Kumar shines in a jolly good film. From references to Sunny Deol to what actually goes on inside a courtroom, Jolly LLB 2 has it all ... Full Review

Rohit Bhatnagar | Deccan Chronicle: 3/5 | 6/10
Entertaining take on 'flawed' Indian law and order. The film might not satisfy you as much as the first one might have, but you surely won’t come out disappointed out of the theatres ... Full Review

Stutee Ghosh | The Quint: 2.5/5 | 5/10
But for those of us jinka “dil mange more” – this would be a very average performance by a man who can do much much better in a film that can be much better ... Full Review

Rachit Gupta | Filmfare: 3.5/5 | 7/10
The second half of the film especially tries to pack in too much drama, melodrama and twists. But the actors bring in the requisite restraint and make Jolly LLB 2 an absolute delight ... Full Review

Manjusha Radhakrishnan | Gulf News: 2.5/5 | 5.5/10
Perfectly cast but slow paced. Watch this if you are in the mood for a legal drama, albeit a long, arduous one ... Full Review

Aswin Bharadwaj | LensMen Movie Review Center: 3/5 | 6/10
Jolly LLB 2 has good humor, it has Saurabh Shukla, it has an emotionally compelling climax, a not so convincing case and an okay story ... Full Review 2.5/5 | 5/10
A miscast Akshay Kumar and a fine supporting cast do little to save this tedious legal drama ... Full Review

The New Indian Express: 3/5 | 6/10
Trust Saurabh Shukla to save the day. He dances his way to the court, quite literally. He makes even the obvious jokes work and his ability to overplay and underplay is admirable ... Full Review

Namrata Joshi | The Hindu: 3/5 | 6/10
What Jolly LLB 2 essentially shows is how the marriage of opposites-the mainstream dramatic tropes and a realistic tapestry-can be the formula to go for, for Bollywood ... Full Review

Reuters: - | 5/10
The verdict, in this case, isn't in Jolly's favour ... Full Review

Nandini Ramnath | Scroll: - | 6/10
‘Jolly LLB 2’ is guilty of dramatic overreach but Saurabh Shukla is brilliant ... Full Review

Outlook India: 2/5 | 4/10
The Moralistic Cringe And Cliché Than The First Film Had To Offer. The movie cries out for at least a feeble attempt at a new script ... Full Review

Sify: 3/5 | 6/10
Akshay Kumar is electrifyingly good even in portions with the usual emotional spiel. There’s an everyday man goodness he radiates— you believe him when he shows remorse, root for him when the chips are down ... Full Review

Cinestaan: 2/4 | 5/10
Nothing refreshing about this typical filmi courtroom drama. The Akshay Kumar starrer is a been-there-done-that saga that can be watched once ... Full Review

India Glitz: 2.5/5 | 5/10
‘Jolly LLB 2’ had all the potential to become a jolly good film, but ends up being a mildly good type of product ... Full Review

The Week: 3.5/5 | 7/10
A little less melodrama ("Nirupa Roy-wali acting" as the film itself says) and tighter editing would have done wonders for the 140-minute film. In spite of such shortcomings, The State vs. Jolly LL.B 2 is well worth a watch ... Full Review

The Wire: - | 3/10
'Jolly LLB 2' Is Neither Smart nor Funny. The filmmaker takes the audience for granted, believing it will accept anything at face value ... Full Review

WIONews: 4/5 | 8/10
There are two parts of this movie that make you swoon over it, one of them is the direction. The devil is in the details and Subhash Kapoor knows that well ... Full Review

Bollywood Life: 2.5/5 | 5/10
Akshay Kumar FAILS to fit well in this satirical drama. Looks like Subhash Kapoor who had managed to extract fabulous performances from his actors in the first part, fell into the "smitten by star" and "mainstream cinema" trap ... Full Review

PinkVilla: 60% | 6/10
Despite the simplistic plot which seems nuanced but sinks into sameness and contrivances and grave pacing issues, the film is earnest ... Full Review

Spotboye: 3.5/5 | 7/10
Above all Saurabh Shukla as the judge, habituated to bouts of moodiness and yet sharp as a blade, is outstanding. The extra half-star for Jolly LLB 2 is just for enjoying the pleasure of his company once more with feeling ... Full Review

Behind Woods: 2.75/5 | 6/10
Jolly LLB 2, even though not very gripping, has the content to hold it’s audiences! ... Full Review

Financial Express: 4/5 | 8/10
Akshay Kumar does full justice to Arshad Warsi’s legacy. Akshay Kumar balances comedy with action brilliantly in Jolly LLB 2 ... Full Review