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Thackeray Reviews
Ratings: 5.28/10
Score: 48%
Reviews Counted: 29
Up: 14 | Down: 15

Bollywood Hindi Movie Thackeray Reviews and Ratings from Top Film Critics.
Director: Abhijit Panse
Writer: Abhijit Panse, Arvind Jagtap, Manoj Yadav
Genre: Biographical Drama
Release Date: 25 January, 2019

Raja Sen | Hindustan Times: 1/5
This is either an oblivious or blatantly self-aware film, a work not of propaganda as much as it is a work of pride, celebrating a legacy of violence ... Full Review

Rachit Gupta | Times of India: 3/5
Perhaps a more seasoned writer could have fleshed out Thackeray’s character and eccentricities a lot better. But its Nawaz’s nonchalant performance that overshadows the flaws and leaves a lasting impact ... Full Review

Shubra Gupta | The Indian Express: 2/5
Almost every moment in the movie is a death of irony, the biggest of them being that Nawazuddin Siddiqui, an outsider on both counts of community and religion, plays Balasaheb Thackeray ... Full Review

Rohit Vats | News18: 2.5/5
However, here’s the thing — bold views in a film can’t envelope notorious tactics in real life, so I wouldn’t blame you if you hold it against Bal Thackeray and his party members who have galvanized resources to make this film ... Full Review

Saibal Chatterjee | NDTV: 1.5/5
Nawazuddin Siddiqui is so good, the film needs nobody else to propel it forward ... Full Review

Bollywood Hungama: 3.5/5
THACKERAY is a well-made and well-told biopic about one of the most important political figures of Maharashtra and India ... Full Review

Umesh Punwani | Koimoi: 3/5
Nawazuddin Siddiqui Conquers This Engrossing Political Drama!. From adapting the mannerisms to a bit of voice modulation, Nawazuddin is not Nawazuddin in the film ... Full Review

Utkarsh Mishra | Rediff: 3/5
If you believe there are no excuses for vandalism and violence, then you would not like Thackeray, the leader. And you won't see any point in this movie ... Full Review

Udita Jhunjhunwala | FirstPost: 2/5
The timeline of Thackeray is conveniently engineered to delete the unflattering, the sensitive and the problematic mandate. What remains are elements that buoy up the founder of the Shiv Sena and paint him in resplendent saffron ... Full Review

Meena Iyer | DNAIndia: 3.5/5
Don’t miss Thackeray. It’s like a gym session that gives you a high. You can actually feel the adrenaline pumping, many a time during the film ... Full Review

Samrudhi Ghosh | India Today: 1/5
1 out of 5 stars for Thackeray. There is nothing in the film that can pass off as cinema. Thackeray works better in election rallies than in theatres ... Full Review

Sonil Dedhia | Mid-Day: 1.5/5
Does little else besides hail the leader. Director Abhijit Panse's offering is an interesting drama for those who don't know much about Thackeray ... Full Review

Baradwaj Ranjan | Film Companion: 2/5
A Celebratory Epic That’s Less About A Leader’s Psyche Than His Penchant For Punch Lines. This isn’t so much about psychology as event which is why Nawazuddin is merely good rather than great ... Full Review

Bhaskar: 3/5
ठाकरे मूवी रिव्यू (Thackeray Movie Review) की बात करें तो फिल्म से जैसे प्रदर्शन की उम्मीद थी ठाकरे मूवी वैसी ही प्रदर्शन कर रही है। ... Full Review

Parag Chaphekar | Jagran: 3/5
कुल मिलाकर अगर आपको राजनीतिक गतिविधियों में दिलचस्पी है तो आपके लिए यह फिल्म मनोरंजक साबित होगी अन्यथा फिल्म समझने में दिक्कत आ सकती है। ... Full Review

Pooja Vichare | Times Now News: 3/5
While the first half is interesting, the second half of the film seemed a little rushed, trying to incorporate several aspects of Balasaheb’s life in a short span of time ... Full Review

IANS | Sify: 3.5/5
Aesthetically presented and convincing. Thackeray is notches better than any of the previous movies offering a glimpse into Balasaheb's life ... Full Review

Ankita Chakravarti | Zee News: 2.5/5
Nawazuddin Siddiqui stands vindicated in an otherwise dim political biopic ... Full Review

Dnyanesh Jathar | The Week: 3.5/5
A hard-hitting account of Balasaheb's life and time. sThe film is a must-watch for those who want to understand Thackeray as he was ... Full Review

R.M. Vijayakar | India West: 4.5/5
Terrifically Told Tale of Tall Leader ... Full Review

Nandini Ramnath | Scroll: 1/5
An unabashed propaganda video for the Shiv Sena founder ... Full Review

Namrata Joshi | The Hindu
Between Thackeray’s followers who will rationalise everything about him and find the film charismatic and the detractors who will find it unconvincing and abhorrent, lies a hagiography in continuum. The sequel to Thackeray, it seems, will soon be upon us ... Full Review

Shilpa Jamkhandikar | Reuters
Not that “Thackeray” was ever going to be anything but a hagiography, but films like these underline the need for good, impartial and well-made political films. Given how obsessed we are with politics, we deserve better films about it and the men who shape our nation ... Full Review

Anita Iyer | Khaleej Times: 2.5/5
What works impressively for the film is the carefully curated casting of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. With a petite form, similar to the supremo himself, Siddiqui emerges taller than the flaws in the film - loose direction and superfluous, disjointed script ... Full Review

Meena Iyer | DNAIndia: 3.5/5
Nawazuddin is first-rate. His petite physical form is quite close to that of the Sena supremo. Without too much ado, he borrows the leader’s mannerisms and his demeanour, convincing you that you are seated in Thackeray’s darbar ... Full Review

Roshan H Nair | Deccan Herald: 3/5
Bad writing completely fizzles the film out by the end. In a scene after the Masjid demolition, where the Saheb says he holds nothing against Islam, you hear a tiger roar out of nowhere after he delivers his punch dialogue. Sigh ... Full Review

Mark Manuel | Peeping Moon
First things first, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a dead ringer for Balasaheb Thackeray. However, in the Abhijit Panse-directed biopic Thackeray, though his canvas is vast, Nawazuddin does not have the role to display his dynamics as an actor ... Full Review

Vishal Verma | Glamsham: 3.5/5
Right from the first scene till the last frame, Nawazuddin Siddiqui gives a performance that will be remembered for long ... Full Review

Sonali Kokra | Arre
We did not expect Thackeray, produced by Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut and directed by MNS’s Abhijit Panse, to be critical of the party supremo. But even their unabashed allegiance can’t prepare you for the relish with which the film glorifies the ugliest parts of Bal Thackeray’s legacy ... Full Review