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Hamid Reviews
Ratings: 7.31/10

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Bollywood Hindi/Urdu Movie Hamid Reviews and Ratings from Top Film Critics.
Director: Aijaz Khan
Producer: Siddharth Anand Kumar, Vikram Mehra
Writer: Ravinder Randhawa, Sumit Saxena
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 15 March 2019

Reza Noorani | Times of India: 4/5
So, if you need a reality check and want to know just what millions of Kashmiris go through each day, go and watch this wonderful little film in theatres ... Full Review

Shubra Gupta | The Indian Express: 4/5
A lovely, heartfelt film. Sometimes, a film comes exactly at the right time. Hamid, set in strife-torn Kashmir, tells us that there is still hope, something we desperately need in our worn, troubled nation ... Full Review

IANS | News18: 3.5/5
Some frames appear layered, especially the last scene when Hamid's red coloured boat glides across the serene waters of the lake. That images is haunting. It remains with you much after you leave the theatres ... Full Review

Saibal Chatterjee | NDTV: 4/5
Rasika Dugal Is Luminous In This Heart-Breaking And Uplifting Film ... Full Review

Namrata Joshi | The Hindu: 3.5/5
‘Hamid’ has a simplicity, humaneness and a sense of poise that is profoundly moving ... Full Review

Shilpa Jamkhandikar | Reuters: 3/5
Khan tells his story with great affection – shots are beautifully framed by cinematographer John Wilmor, and the conversations between Hamid and Abhay are a treat to watch ... Full Review

Anupam Kant Verma | FirstPost: 3/5
Aijaz Khan's film falters before reaching a cinematic, emotional crest ... Full Review

Suhani Singh | India Today: 3/5
Hamid starring Rasika Dugal is a poignant drama set in Kashmir, which puts a child's innocence and curiosity at the forefront. Hamid is heartbreaking and deserves a watch ... Full Review

Udita Jhunjhunwala | Live Mint: 3.5/5
'Hamid' is compassionate and sensitive ... Full Review

Nandini Ramnath | Scroll: 3/5
The movie balances simplicity and profundity, and would have benefited from a leaner running time to better convey its ambitious exploration of loss and abandonment in a region stereotyped as a paradise on earth ... Full Review

Mayur Sanap | Deccan Chronicle: 3.5/5
A well-told story of human perseverance and frailty. The strength of this film hinges on Rasika Dugal and Talha Arshad Reshi's performances, and neither disappoint ... Full Review

Devesh Sharma | Filmfare: 4/5
It's the child actor, Talha Arshad Reshi, who is really the soul of the film. He's as natural as they come and manages to convince you that you're actually watching a young kid coming to terms with life and not just an actor going through his lines ... Full Review

Rahul Desai | Film Companion: 3/5
An Endearingly Simple, If Slightly Simplistic, Depiction Of Childhood Trauma. There is plenty of sad-violin music and stilted acting, but the sheer clarity of the analogies – of mortality, divinity, closure – rescues Hamid ... Full Review

Delnaz Divecha | Book My Show: 4/5
An emotionally powerful story with heartwarming performances ... Full Review

Keyur Seta | Cinestaan: 5/5
Crisis of Kashmir is explored realistically through a child's eyes. You cannot remain unmoved by child artiste Talha Arshad Reshi. His performance plays a major role in making this film an emotional ride ... Full Review

Shibaji Roychoudhury | Zoom TV: 4/5
When you watch Hamid, you will realise why innocence is still an integral and essential element even today, in an othewise complicated state. I strongly recommend that you watch Hamid in a theatre ... Full Review

Economic Times: 4/5
A poignant and emphatic film, this one stays with viewers even after leaving the theatre. The real star of the film is Reshi , who wins hearts with his innocence and earnestness ... Full Review

Shubham Kulkarni | Cine Blitz: 4/5
Talha Reshi’s innocence and Rasika Dugal’s inner descent will leave you shattered ... Full Review

Vishal Verma | Glamsham: 4/5
A sentimentally sobering, compassionate gem of peace and hope ... Full Review

Justin Lowe | The Hollywood Reporter: 3/5
A sobering yet hopeful account of compassion emerging in the midst of conflict ... Full Review

Priyanka Bhadani | The Week: 4.5/5
A poignant tale of love, longing and loss. It doesn’t take sides, neither does it judge anyone’s intention ... Full Review

Tanul Thakur | The Wire: 3.5/5
'Hamid' Is a Humane, Clever Look at the Aftermath of Violence. Set in Kashmir and centred around a seven-year-old boy, 'Hamid' never skirts around uncomfortable truths ... Full Review

Hiba Beg | The Quint: 4/5
‘Hamid’ Is a Slow, yet Beautiful Mix of Raw Human Emotions ... Full Review

Arnab Banerjee | Asian Age: 4/5
Straight from the heart! The tension-filled atmosphere is enhanced by fine performances by the entire cast ... Full Review

Binged: 2.75/5
Deeply Moving and Uplifting ... Full Review

Sharan Saikumar | Arre: 4/5
It is only when you watch Hamid that you realise how utterly hopeless our situation really is and how we have no fucking clue how to end it and that it may well be time to do what young Hamid did… call God. And hope like hell he answers the phone ... Full Review

Mansi Dutta | FlickSide: 3/5
While the film does evoke anger, the idea is to stir up compassion and empathy. And Khan does so with sophistication and ease ... Full Review