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Ratings: 6.15/10

Reviews Counted: 33
Up: 26 | Down: 13

Bollywood Hindi Movie Photograph Reviews and Ratings from Top Film Critics.
Director: Ritesh Batra
Writer: Ritesh Batra
Genre: Romance, Drama
Release Date: 15 March, 2019

Raja Sen | Hindustan Times: 4.5/5
Film is an outstanding love letter to the city of dreams ... Full Review

Renuka Vyavahare | Times of India: 3/5
Photograph isn’t a perfect shot and is lured by exquisite nothingness but it’s intriguing and takes you back in time. Like love and life, it’s uncertain and hopeful ... Full Review

Kunal Guha | Mumbai Mirror: 3/5
An issue with the film is that while it tells a lot, it says very little — which is ironic given that a photograph is expected to convey a thousand words ... Full Review

Shubra Gupta | The Indian Express: 2/5
The Nawazuddin-Sanya film is a letdown. A tiny cameo by Vijay Raaz illustrates what this film needed more of: a touch of whimsy, a kind of magic ... Full Review

Priyanka Sinha Jha | News18: 4/5
Charming Ode to Mumbai. Photograph’s pacing of scenes is life-like and suits the realism that is the hallmark of Batra’s films ... Full Review

Saibal Chatterjee | NDTV: 3.5/5
Nawazuddin never appears to be acting at all. Sanya, pleasant and charming, informs the performance with amiability ... Full Review

Bollywood Hungama: 2/5
PHOTOGRAPH is too niche and ambiguous and coupled with the lack of buzz it’s chances of success at the box office are slim ... Full Review

Umesh Punwani | Koimoi: 3/5
A Vintage Romance With The City Of Mumbai! Photograph's childlike innocence will attract you towards it ... Full Review

Sukanya Verma | Rediff: 4/5
A delicate little gem. God bless Ritesh Batra ... Full Review

Prahlad Srihari | FirstPost: 3/5
Ritesh Batra’s dramedy fails to replicate The Lunchbox’s magic ... Full Review

Lakshana N Palat | India Today: 3/5
Attempts to embody themes of longing and nostalgia and leaves you feeling rather wistful at the end ... Full Review

Anupama Chopra | Film Companion: 3/5
A Tender, Meditative, Poetic Film. The film is so quiet and so still in some parts, that you will get impatient. But it is evocative and its tenderness will stay with you ... Full Review

Kriti Tulsiani | Times Now News: 3/5
Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sanya Malhotra's whimsical tale says a lot, but not enough ... Full Review

Bhavna Agarwal | PinkVilla: 2.5/5
Movie is slow paced, ambiguous and melancholic ... Full Review

Nandini Ramnath | Scroll: 2/5
Tries to be understated, but is ultimately underdeveloped ... Full Review

Paul Whitington | Irish Independent: 3/5
Though perhaps too ethereal for its own good in the end, Ritesh Batra's film has lots of charm ... Full Review

Amber Wilkinson | Eye for Film: 3.5/5
Siddiqui is winning in the [central] role, while his scenes with Jaffar bring a sparky energy to the screen that is a welcome contrast to the film's largely quiet tone ... Full Review

Roe McDermott | Hot Press: 3/5
[Ritesh Batra] imbues Photograph with an impressive stillness and realism ... Full Review

Edward Porter | Sunday Times (UK): 3/5
It's a likeable, tender story, in the manner of Batra's 2013 film The Lunchbox, but it withholds a lot from the audience without giving us something we're owed: a good reason for all that elusiveness ... Full Review

Trevor Johnston | Radio Times: 3/5
It's certainly engrossing, but perhaps too gentle to deliver much dramatic punch, until we reach an ending that asks us to consider how movies themselves can ingrain possibly unfulfillable longings in our daily lives ... Full Review

Simran Hans | Observer (UK): 2/5
This bland, sombre love story from the director of The Lunchbox (2013) lacks that film's flavour ... Full Review

Kevin Maher | Times (UK): 4/5
It's an artful look at two misfit loners who find each other. But only just ... Full Review

Alistair Harkness | Scotsman: 3/5
Though a little too elliptical to be truly satisfying, it tells a familiar story with admirable gentleness ... Full Review

David Jenkins | Little White Lies: 3/5
Well made, well performed, just a little too tamped down for its own good ... Full Review

Ian Freer | Empire Magazine: 4/5
Photograph is decidedly old-fashioned and the outcome is never in doubt but the craft is impeccable, the performances low-key and likeable plus there is something persuasive about Batra's gentle worldview, his faith in people and love restorative ... Full Review

Peter Bradshaw | Guardian: 2/5
It is weirdly opaque and internalised, and doesn't ever really come to life ... Full Review

Brad Wheeler | Globe and Mail: 4/5
Like Polaroids and introverted people, Photograph takes its time developing ... Full Review

Adam Graham | Detroit News: B-
"Photograph" has a ways to go to sell its central love story. But Batra's touch is so tender that "Photograph" builds a sweetness that overcompensates for its shortcomings ... Full Review

Ty Burr | Boston Globe: 2/4
There's a good deal of heart, art, sympathy, and substance here, which is why's it's all the more frustrating that "Photograph" fails to develop ... Full Review

Marjorie Baumgarten | Austin Chronicle: 2.5/5
The film's small, quiet moments are its most alluring feature, although it's possible the film may ultimately be too quiet for its own good ... Full Review

Sandy Schaefer | ScreenRant: 3/5
Photograph finds joy in the spaces between its story mechanics, which makes it easier to appreciate the film's occasionally patience-trying methods ... Full Review

Nell Minow | 3/4
It may be that the stories in movies are all the same. But it can be lovely when a movie like this one finds a different way to tell them ... Full Review

Michael O'Sullivan | Washington Post: 2/4
Sometimes, less isn't more, but - as in this case - not quite enough ... Full Review
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