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Aladdin Reviews
Average Rating: 6.3/10

Reviews Counted: 13
Positive: 9
Negative: 0
Mixed: 4

Rohan Naahar | Hindustan Times: 3.5/5
Will Smith single-handedly elevates director Guy Ritchie’s live-action remake of the classic Disney animated film ... Full Review

Pallabi Dey Purkayastha | Times of India: 3.5/5
The film – sans its minor hiccups – is congenial and establishes the ‘feel-good’ factor from frame one and maintains it till the curtains are drawn ... Full Review

IANS | News18: 3.5/5
Will Smith is a Charming Showstopper in an Enthralling Fantasy. In 'Aladdin,' director Guy Ritchie showcases only a part of the original folklore, which is nevertheless fascinating and fun to watch, as it enthralls you in many ways ... Full Review

Behindwoods: 2.75/5
This movie has set a new world of Aladdin and it has also done it properly. The lack of originality is felt beyond the commendable storyline. Aladdin will definitely offer you a thrilling ride with all wonders and magic but you will also lack the Aladdin you have known ... Full Review

Umesh Punwani | Koimoi: 2.5/5
Nostalgia Is The Biggest Drawback Of This Will Smith Starrer. This visually attractive and mature version of our childhood cartoon retains everything that's good, adding nothing new to it ... Full Review

Mihir Fadnavis | FirstPost: 2/5
Guy Ritchie's live action remake suffers from Will Smith's superficial coolth ... Full Review

Rahul Gangwani | Filmfare: 3.5/5
Despite the rocky start and a weak villain, Aladdin is a perfect entertainer. So, get on your magic carpet and fly to your nearest halls soon ... Full Review

123 Telugu: 3.25/5
One the whole, Aladdin is an extravagant fantasy drama which has some spectacular visual effects and thrills. But the presence of excess songs and a bit dragged second half are some de-merits ... Full Review

Uday Bhatia | Live Mint: 3/5
It’s also a continuation of Hollywood’s inability to deal with Middle Eastern characters as anything but fundamentalists or exotic caricatures. Call it harmless fun at your own peril ... Full Review

Gaurang Chauhan | Times Now News: 3.5/5
Relive your childhood with this dazzling and delightful remake of the animated classic ... Full Review

Troy Ribeiro | Sify: 3.5/5
Will Smith charms as Genie in this enthralling fantasy. Aladdin will appeal to audience of all age groups ... Full Review

Karishma Shetty | PinkVilla: 3.5/5
It's Will Smith's Genie, that is the true heart of the story. Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott's electric chemistry is what solidifies this classic fairytale ... Full Review

Nandini Ramnath | Scroll
Charming leads lift a redundant remake ... Full Review

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Star-Cast: Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Marwan Kenzari
Director: Guy Ritchie
Writer: John August, Guy Ritchie
Genre(s): Musical Fantasy
Release Date: May 24, 2019