Friday, May 22, 2020

Chicago Freestyle Song Lyrics Meaning - Drake ft. Giveon

Read Drake ft. Giveon - Chicago Freestyle Lyrics Song Meaning Explained.

Album: Dark Lane Demo Tapes
Release Date: May 1, 2020
Record Label: OVO, Republic Records
Songwriter: Graham, Giveon Evans, Rupert Thomas
Producer: Cadastre, Sevn Thomas

In accordance with the track’s title, Giveon drops multiple iconic characteristics of the track’s titular city.

Firstly, Cloud Gate, known by its popular name “The Chicago Bean,” is a public art sculpture designed by Indian-British sculptor Anish Kapoor that was first unveiled in 2004 in Millennium Park, Chicago. The sculpture has become an iconic piece of Chicago and is one of the most popular tourist locations in the city.

Secondly, Chicago’s nickname is “The Windy City.” While this nickname is usually attributed to Chicago’s freezing cold temperatures due to the winds coming from Lake Michigan, the name is thought to have been actually derived in the 1800s with politicians in the city blowing “hot air,” which is a saying for spewing lots of words without any actual substance.

In his 2011 Complex cover story, Drake told the interviewer that he would have liked to do the interview at his apartment but he was getting installed the most luxurious addition to his bathroom: “an experience shower”.

It’s a shower that’s lit by all LED lights. It has 10 jets, an overhead, and it sprays out lavender or whatever scents you want. It’s something I’ve always wanted.

His Toronto mansion, designed by Ferris Rafauli, has a huge tub with a skylight above, along with two rooftop terrace areas with an outdoor hot tub that offers guests to soak their feet in.

Drake uses an iPhone, any message sent from iPhone to a non-apple device will show up as green, instead of the iPhone to iPhone blue. If it was blue, now its green, this person probably either switched numbers or upgraded phones, thus ‘changed phone on the team’.

Drake is referring to his close friend and head of security Nessel Beezer, who mainly goes by the alias “Chubbs” or “OVO Chubbs”. In these few lines, Drake explains how Chubbs has been able to come across plenty of women that Drake finds attractive.

Galleria is an upscale mall in Houston, TX, a city where Drake frequently raps about and visits. Drake is saying he is too nice to women who may just be using him for his fame and wealth. Hence why they are using his credit card at malls to shop even though he doesn’t know if they could ever be his wife or if they’re a wife to someone else.

Drake pays tribute to Eminem by interpolating his May 2002 song “Superman” but with slightly changed lyrics.

In Eminem’s song, he takes a very aggressive tone. “Superman” was written in the wake of Eminem’s divorce and his falling out with Mariah Carey, with whom he allegedly had a brief relationship. In the chorus, Eminem is speaking to his admirer, who is likely Mariah, and he reminds the woman that she is dispensable. If she acts out, there are plenty of women in line that are ready to take her place.

In contrast, Drake’s interpretation of the lyrics is melancholic. He has grown tired of quick relationships and is looking for something more serious, but his current lifestyle makes that impossible. In Drake’s version, the “runway” is an airport runway, where he has boarded a one-way flight to his next show.

In these lines, Drake first states and refers to his person security carrying a gun for his protection.

In the next line, he uses the previous to execute his punchline about other rappers who are out overtake him in the music industry. There are many people who are out to get Drake knocked off his perch at the top of the music industry, and potentially also want him dead. We know that Drake his people who want him dead from the line in his song “Mob Ties” from his 2018 Scorpion Album: They want me gone but dont know why.

Also from his lyrics in “I’m Upset”. a single from the album Scorpion, where Drake, in different parts of the song raps these lyrics.

Reminiscing about previous times, Drake reflects on changes in affection and financial circumstances. Addressing his current love interest, he highlights plenty of former relationships despite spending limits on his AMEX or American Express credit card.

For most consumers, credit card companies impose limits on the amount that one can spend each month. As a product of his established wealth, Drake has since moved on to the infamous American Express Centurion “black card,” an invitation-only charge card with no spending limits.

Moving to the present, Drake finds perspective in examining past financial challenges but does not seek to detail misdeeds from lost love.