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Pain 1993 Song Lyrics Meaning - Drake ft. Playboi Carti

Read Drake ft. Playboi Carti - Pain 1993 Lyrics Song Meaning Explained.

Album: Dark Lane Demo Tapes
Release Date: May 1, 2020
Record Label: OVO, Republic Records
Songwriter: Graham, Jordan Carter, Jordan Jenks
Producer: Pi'erre Bourne

This is one of the many tags of producer and rapper Pi'erre Bourne. As a producer, he is well-known for working with Playboi Carti on iconic tracks like 2017’s “Magnolia” but has also worked with other popular rappers such as Kanye West and Travis Scott.

This tag comes from a video of Pi'erre’s fans recorded during Carti’s Summer 2017 US tour. It was first used on Pi'erre’s 2018 single “Planet Namek.”

“Top left” is Toronto slang for telling the truth. On Dark Lane Demo Tapes‘ eleventh track “Losses,” Drake proclaims his lyrics are “cold facts”: I’m not tryna make no song, these are cold facts.

“Crodie” is Crip slang for ‘brother’ as it alters the word “Brodie,” replacing the B for a C. Drake first used the term on his December 2019 UK-drill-inspired track, “War,” where he shouted out Toronto artist, Pressa: Wassa, wassa, just like the crodie Pressa, I don’t do no passa.

He later used it again on Toronto artist Smiley_61st’s March 2020 track “Organization,” where he shouted out his close friend and OVO affiliate, Baka Not Nice:

Baka, my crodie, his songs are amazing
But I knew that nigga when he wasn’t makin’ ’em, yeah

Codeine is an addictive opioid pain medication, which is often used to make the drug, lean—a mixture of codeine and other ingredients, like soda and candy.

Drake alludes to two music video directors with prolific careers in the rap industry, Hype Williams of Queens, New York, and Director X from Brampton, Canada – just outside of Drake’s hometown of Toronto, Canada.

Williams is known for his innovative and eye-catching videos, including popular tracks like JAY-Z’s October 2009 “Empire State of Mind” and Beyonc√©’s December 2013 smash “Drunk in Love,” although he is most recognized amongst the new school of hip-hop for his critically acclaimed artistic video for Travis Scott’s “90210” in September 2015 and Kanye West’s notorious seizure-inducing “All of the Lights” in November 2010.

Although Drake has never had a video directed by Hype, his relationship with Director X is an extensive one. The two have collaborated eight times, beginning with Drake’s “HYFR” (April 2012), 2 Chainz’s “No Lie” (May 2012), “Started from the Bottom” (February 2013), “Worst Behavior” (September 2013), “Hotline Bling” (July 2015), Rihanna’s “Work” (January 2016), “God’s Plan” (January 2018), and Future’s “Life Is Good” (January 2020). Future even shouted out X in the video for “Life Is Good,” proclaiming: Bigger than Lil X? […] You see how his videos be poppin'.

The G-Wagon is a sport utility vehicle of the German automobile brand Mercedes-Benz and its G-Class of vehicles. All of the vehicles are very expensive, with 2020 models of the car running over $100,000.

Drake has an even nicer rendition of the luxury car as he purchased a Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet in February 2019, a model of which only ninety-nine vehicles were produced. When announcing the purchase for Drake, his associate Tony Bet said the price tag was “$$$$$$$.”

Drake previously mentioned the car model in his featured verse on PARTYNEXTDOOR’s June 2017 track “Freak In You (Remix)”:

I got a triple king bed and I don’t mind sharing
I got a big G-Wagon, I don’t mind sharing

Kawhi Leonard is a professional NBA basketball player and former player of the Toronto Raptors—Drake’s hometown team.

Leonard’s 2019 NBA playoffs run is often described as an “all-time great NBA performance.” Among his run was his tie-breaking Game 7 buzzer-beater win against the Philadelphia 76ers where Kawhi shot the ball at the last second and made it with the ball bouncing on the rim four times. He would later lead the Raptors to their first championship at the 2019 NBA Finals. Drake and Kawhi are good friends—they took a picture together in December 2018 and Drake allowed Kawhi to stay at his Hidden Hills mansion in 2019 when Kawhi was flying back and forth between Toronto and L.A. for free agency meetings after his contract with the Raptors was finished.

Drake shouts out fashion designer Ian Connor, the creator of clothing brand Born from Pain / Sick√∂. “Born from Pain 1993” is Ian’s motto, the namesake of this song. Drake was first seen with Ian Connor in the early 2010s and later in November 2018.

“Sicko” or “6icko”—where the number 6 is used as a code for Drake’s hometown, Toronto—is also a term used by Drake to indicate his friends. It was popularized by basketball star Kevin Durant in 2015 when he posted it in a tweet in reaction to Drake’s June 2015 diss track “Charged Up.” Drake also used the term himself on his January 2016 song “Summer Sixteen” and on Travis Scott’s August 2018 hit “SICKO MODE.”

When someone is antisocial, they’re not sociable or unable to associate themselves with other people. Earlier in his career, Drake often rapped about not making friends and avoiding fake friends—for example, on his February 2013 song “Started From The Bottom,” he raps.

“I keep they pockets greased up” means Drake has dirty cops working for him under his payroll. While he doesn’t mind cops working for him, Drake wouldn’t work with them—on September 2013’s “Worst Behavior,” he rapped about not telling the police anything whenever they’d asked him questions:

Drake has given a shout-out to “Capo” several times, most notably on “Look Alive”: They won’t be expectin' shit when Capo go to slide (Hah)

Capo could refer to a close friend and associate of Halal Gang: a Toronto hip-hop collective comprised of rappers Puffy L’z, Mo-G, SAFE, and the now-deceased Smoke Dawg. Drake has some history with the group, cosigning them in 2015 by posting the track “Still” – famous for popularizing the “Ginobili dance”. While Drake was later involved in a minor beef with the group, the line about patching up beef may hint at it being squashed.

It is also possible that Capo actually refers to Chubbs, Drakes head of security, right handman, and “fixer”. Drake has directly referred to him as Capo in the past. In Mafia terminology, a capo is often the head of a specialized crew, who gets his orders directly from the family’s (under)boss(es).

Drake has shown many times before that he is not hesitant to call somebody out even if they are a famous person or someone he has worked with before. The best example of this was shown in his Rap Radar interview released on December 25, 2019. When he was asked about his issues with recording artist Kanye West, he commented:

Yeah, if he turns up on me again I’ll turn up on him again… I’m not just gonna sit by while somebody’s, you know, just talking loose about me or whatever I have going on. Since 2012, he has also had beef with Chris Brown, Common, Tyga, Meek Mill, and Pusha T. However, since 2018 and 2019, respectively, he was on friendly terms with Meek Mill and Chris Brown.

Raf Simons is a luxury menswear label that was founded in 1995 by Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons. Notably, Carti featured on the May 2017 A$AP Mob posse-cut “RAF,” a song dedicated to the label. Playboi Carti has a custom 14 karat white gold top and bottom grill set, which was made by custom jewelers, IF & Co. He mentioned his grills before on his May 2018 song, “Right Now”: All these diamonds in my teeth, I had to smile (Cash, cash).

Goyard is an expensive French brand that sells luxury travel trunks and leather goods, such as bags and briefcases. Carti’s a big fan of the brand—he rapped about it on his April 2017 song “Had 2”. Goyard ‘round my waist and it hold the Glock, ooh. He also rapped about it on his unreleased cut “Goku”: Goyard, I done did it.

Bentley is a luxury British car manufacturer that’s known for its high-quality SUVs. Carti rapped about a Bentley before on his March 2017 song.