Friday, June 26, 2020

Lenovo ThinkPad 7th Gen X1 Carbon - Laptop Review

The 7th gen x1 carbon is more or less focused at business people personally I think it's the perfect EDC laptop and I'm gonna tell you why. So first off thanks to its carbon fibre chassis, it's crazy lightweight at just under two and a half pounds which means you'll hardly notice it in your bag then thanks to its thin fourteen point nine millimeter design it'll fit like damn near anywhere and because it's got this minimalist design aesthetic with a matte black paint job you know people might actually think you're smarter and more sophisticated than you want actually are at least not the effect I hope they would have for me. Unfortunately the matte black is that soft touch coating role familiar with which means after cleaning it within five minutes it'll look like you just finished shoving your hands in a McDonald's french fry basket and then tried giving the carbon a massage after and on top all that it's tested and designed alongside the US DoD's military standard 810g spec which means it can take a bullet you can throw it at brick walls and go swimming with it in the ocean.

Absolutely none of that is true, don't do any of that it will break but it is milspec so that should give you some peace of mind when it comes to durability so popping off the bottom panels really easy with just five screws in a qualude but once you're in there not a whole lot you can do you can clean the fan swap the battery and SSD and the W LAN card. If you got the model that comes with one and but that's that's about it the RAM soldered onto the motherboard and as far as I'm aware there's no expansion slot same thing with the wireless card but honestly who cares it's the Intel 956 units. It's an awesome wireless card there's a decent spread of ports with two USB-A ports, HDMI audio combo port, a docking station or network port if you get the dongle yeah I know and then to Thunderbolt three ports there's five different 14-inch display options you can pick from.

My review units outfitted with a low-power 400 nits 1080p IPS panel it's a bit sweet and sour because it's got nice color gamut some great max brightness on a 60 Hertz panel but that response time is slow like mr. Magoo slow so you'll see a fair amount of ghosting if you're scrolling too fast or like whipping around the mouse cursor but looking into reviews and the models with the qHD and UHD resolution displays they don't seem to have that issue so if you're more sensitive to stuff like that might be worth the upgrade and display and then at the top of the display there's your standard garbage quality 720p webcam but they toss him one of those sweet sliding covers so shady folks who don't like to mind their own business can't perv out on you without paying first love that feature the keyboard is baller we've still got the familiar u-shaped keys that Lenovo is known for with great space in between them and an awesome one point five millimeter travel distance which is shallower than last year's one point eight but it still feels absolutely fantastic to type on love love love this keyboard so the red Russian nips still there otherwise no one has the track point for me it's just fun to play with because I still can't seem to get used to it could be because it's using an eland driver which would explain its finicky nasur you know could be because I just suck at it but I don't like admitting to feed so I'm gonna go ahead and blame the driver.

Here the dedicated left and right mouse buttons are a bit loose but still feel solid when pressed and the click style track pads been awesome I mean it's a bit small but it's got awesome finger glide and it's running a Windows driver so it's finicky free what and then to the right of that is a fingerprint reader for some added security for both business folks and regular Joe's like you and me to help keep out corporate espionage spies or your jackass friends who like changing your wallpaper to spongebob squarepants or a Dora the Explorer yeah true story now keeping in mind the carbons a thin and light the audio quality is pretty decent there's two speakers on the deck that act as the tweeters and a couple more on the bottom for the low-end I wouldn't say he gives off any actual bass but the lows are definitely present here personally I described the audio quality as crisp and clear and yeah it gets loud enough to fill a room at up to 87 decibels so I think lenovo did a pretty good job considering okay so performance now I wouldn't say it's great I'd say it's good I mean it's very thin laptop with a single exhaust fan so heat management isn't fantastic get it it isn't fantastic no okay stress testing with a 264 makes its thermal throttle right out the gate causing the boost clock speeds to take a hit but here's the thing it actually fluctuates up and down quite a bit so while it kind of starts out at about 3 gigahertz it'll slowly climb up to 3.8 for about 5 minutes then drop back down in between 3 & 3 point 2 gigahertz but averages out at around 3.5 which is decent.

That's what the hot but average temperature of 89 degrees Celsius but to be clear I highly highly doubt anyone's gonna be running a workload equivalent to the stress test with what this laptops designed for but then again I don't know what you guys do in your spare time so fan noise is scary quiet even under load I took a reading while running the stress test and it maxed out at about 39 dB that's at max fan speeds while idle it's like completely silent like a slow warm summer breeze is loud in this thing it's awesome and finally battery life I mean there's no other word to describe it then insane it's got a 51 watt hour battery that supports fast charging I think from like 0 to 100% took about an hour with its micro sized 65 watt power brick and at 91 nits or 50% screen brightness under everyday productivity workloads I squeaked out just over a solid 14 hours so I'd imagine at 75% brightness it would probably get you around 12 hours anyways that's awesome like last you all day awesome games and software licenses are expensive but they don't have to be.