Friday, July 3, 2020

Lenovo Thinkpad L13 Yoga Review - Best Affordable Laptop for Everyday Use

So when I'm looking for a laptop I look for something that is affordable and versatile for my schoolwork as well as my day-to-day work this ThinkPad l13 yoga is a really nice budget-friendly 13-inch business-oriented 2 in 1 laptop. You can get it in silver or black it weighs around 3.2 pounds or roughly 1.4 kilograms. There are quite a few configurations available but they're all running 10th generation Intel processors. I have the core i5 model that can turbo up to 4.4 gigahertz but you can get a core i7 for a bit more horsepower. If you're in the market for a gaming machine then you shouldn't be looking at this category of laptop or Ultrabook benchmarks aren't how I make a decision to purchase or recommend a certain device but I want a few of them in this article for those that are interested.

I typically rely on real-world performance tests that'll give me a more accurate picture of how a device will fit into my workflow I used this l13 yoga throughout my summer session and I had zero issues and no hiccups in any of my necessary applications. I do have to say though that ditching might think that p1 for over a month to use this wasn't an easy decision but I can tell you that if you're a student an email warrior you need a convertible laptop for web browsing and zoom calls this is a great choice. This is a 13.3 inch touchscreen display that's only available in Full HD no 4k and I think that was a really smart move on Lenovo's part for the target market the everyday average user won't really be interested in taking a hit on battery life just for a higher resolution display. I ran this display around seventy-five percent brightness most days and I got around 9 hours of mixed use battery life. I prefer to set the power mode to Best Performance but you can toggle it between that and best battery life a 65 watt rapid charger does come in the box and the power brick isn't large and heavy so if you need to plug in it won't be a major hassle you can also get this with the Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 but either way I found battery life to be more than enough for me.

Well I'm not doing any traveling right now this could definitely make a good travel machine lenovo didn't put any Thunderbolt 3 ports on this yoga and I understand that would increase the price quite a bit but it's something worth mentioning the build is high-quality magnesium alloy that does collect a ton of fingerprints but I just keep a microfiber cloth within arm's reach it's thin enough and I appreciate the size because it gives us all the ports we use the most including two USB type a ports one on each side a full-sized HDMI port and even a micro SD card slide sure I would prefer a full size SD card slot but you can't get everything at this price point I'll leave links in the video description below for updated pricing but this laptop starts at around six hundred eighty dollars heat and noise haven't been an issue although the fans did ramp up as expected during the running of the benchmarks something I really like about this machine is the garage Wacom pen I never had to worry about replacing a miniature battery or remembering to put the pan on a separate charger it's a small pen and I really like using my bigger Lenovo pen better but I'm happy to have it tucked away in here you can buy the bigger pen separately and it'll work perfectly fine on this display.

There are a lighter thinner 2 in 1 laptops on the market but there's just something about the sleep minimal look of lenovo's non-gaming mind that I absolutely love of course you couldn't really call this a yoga if it didn't bend and fold the hinge is nice and rigid and it doesn't creak or give under pressure many people might consider 13 inches to be a bit too large to hold in tablet mode but I found it to be comfortable in both portrait and landscape orientations you get that nice legendary ThinkPad keyboard and it's great exactly like it always is it still has the signature red try point whether you want it or not you also get a fingerprint reader that works great for logging into the laptop Windows does include an option to operate the l13 in tablet mode if you find that to be a bit easier to manage again the pen is a Wacom digitizer and it was responsive throughout my use for the past five weeks or so just keep in mind that I'm not an artist so if you intend to do a ton of drawing your experience could be slightly different with the size of this thing though I don't know how comfortable it would be use for extended periods of time but I didn't struggle to get used to it after about ten minutes if you've used the pen that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note line then this will be right up your alley holding.

This two-in-one with one hand wasn't a hard thing for me but if you're coming from a traditional tablet or even a Chromebook it might take a bit of getting used to you don't have to just hold it in your hands though you can set it down with the keyboard tucked away for presentations or even video calls speaking of video calls the sound you get from the speakers on the bottom is actually not bad they don't sound tinny at all and I was pleasantly surprised by that I know I mentioned that this laptop isn't for gaming well it's also not for video editing or any other processing power hungry applications or tasks the screen isn't as color accurate as the one on my p1 but if you do use Photoshop.

I don't think you'll be too disappointed in the display on this one I have 300 nits brightness is not class-leading or anything but it'll get the job done for the average consumer when you're done with Google meat or your zoom calls you can use the privacy shutter to cover up the 720p camera up top I love that feature so let's wrap this up with some benchmarks again this is the temp generation Intel Core i5 model with a gigs of ddr4 ram all of these scores were as expected like I mentioned in the beginning I don't make any purchase decisions based solely on benchmarks but these can definitely give you a decent idea about what you should expect performance wise when using this machine for different day-to-day tasks when it comes to the Microsoft Office suite of applications like Word and Excel browsing the web watching YouTube videos and Netflix making and taking video calls doing homework or even writing a novel this laptop can handle those tasks without breaking a sweat.