Monday, August 10, 2020

Samusung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Review - After 6 Months Use

It's that time again and today i'm bringing to you my review of the galaxy tab s6 lite after using it for roughly two months. Now I know a few of you have already read my full review on this and I just wanted to bring to you all an update as far as how the tablet is holding up and we're going to go ahead and start off right now now many of you should read this article as an update. This is a Samsung mid-range category and again that's maybe still a mid-range tablet. I'm not sure anymore since Samsung released the all-new galaxy tab s7. Nevertheless it's supposed to be kind of a washed down version of the galaxy tab s6 which was the flagship last year now no matter how you see it it's kind of a light and i don't want to say wash down and make it seem like it's a bad tablet.

I'm just trying to say that it's a lighter version of the galaxy tab s6 here. Let's quickly cover price now that we have a new generation of Samsung tablets out this used to be priced at $300 when it first came out but now again because the newly released tab s7 and the tablet 7 plus this thing goes for about 280 bucks for the wi-fi version which is of course the unit that i have here and that price point is not bad at all. Now as i said in my previous review, this tablet is supposed to be right between the budget tab a the Samsung tab a and the then flagship tab s6, this was the light right in the middle where they made all the adjustments to kind of fit people who were a little bit more budget oriented and that want kind of a mix of performance but still stay on the budget side but when it came to design they actually kept it pretty premium. It's pretty sleek, very light and portable and also very well balanced in the past article I did say that it has a premium fill although after using the tab s7 i can say that the tap 7 is even more premium.

Now that doesn't change the fact that this one still has some great level of premium blend into it especially for a tablet that is considered to be mid-range i also like the assortment of colors that Samsung has for these and this angular blue still looks so nice to me the front here has this uniform size bezel that i liked very much from the get go and of course the screen is laminated you do have all of the physical features that you would need in order to manipulate or use the tablet here especially a few that i really still appreciate here like this dual speaker setup here with one speaker on each side of the tablet the headphone jack and of course the micro sd card now let's talk about performance and how they went during my usage of it during the past two month usage of it so i'm start off with of course the internal storage this unit here is 64 gigs of internal storage but you have to keep in mind that pretty close to a quarter of that internal storage is used by all of the fluff that Samsung is going to load the tablet with.

Here's the good news though you have that expandable internal storage you have the ability to expand that internal storage using a micro sd card which i actually do have i have quite a few and so internal storage at 64 gigs wasn't really a problem for me because i'm just using my micro sd card and you have the ability to expand it at up to one terabyte and that is a huge thing for many people the ability to expand that storage now you do have four gigs of ram on here and it has definitely come in handy many times i found myself multitasking or having to toggle different apps and tabs at the same time so i can pretty much say that performance has been pretty decent during light to medium productivity work it has a 10.4 inch tft display with 2000 by 1200 for the resolution here now if you remember in the past video i did say that the average user may not mind the tft display on here so the specs on the display may not be that big of a deal to the average user now I've been able to compare that to my galaxy tab s7 and clearly this there's a gigantic difference and i'm not saying that i didn't know that there was a difference.

The average user may not really care about that because i get to do that differently you know i get that privilege of comparing both because i'm just kind of crazy about devices and i go out there and buy the average user may not want to do that they may not want to buy a tab seven and a tab s6 like just so that they can compare they're going to go for the tab six like because that's what they are looking for something that is budget friendly now that being said the display here is still fine especially as i mentioned again the price given the price i still think this display is great and on the side note here if people want to go for that amoled display they could just shed a little bit more money and be able to grab the tab s7 that would get them even better specs and of course include an amoled display watching movies on here is just amazing gaming or just entertainment overall is still pretty good the screen is fairly bright and the colors are well pronounced so it's pretty well built to handle video streaming very well couple that with those nice sounding speakers and the entertainment experience here is pretty great those speakers by the way are tuned by akg and the sound is really good although it could use a little bit more bass it's running the x and those chipset which was kind of a disappointment but you have to keep in mind that again this was not meant to be a flagship tablet right.

This is more of a compromise that samsung is making between budget and flagship to kind of give you that right medium so it's not too terrible it's just that it would have been great to have a snapdragon on here but xnose you can kind of work with it given the price tag given the price that you're paying for this tablet the other thing here which is kind of my biggest gripe with this tablet is that it does not have deck support it is such a nice feature that i would have loved to have on this tablet like i do my other samsung devices now for the software you have of course one ui sitting on android 10 which has always worked so well with me i'm so familiar with the one ui platform it has generally been very smooth and you also get to enjoy some level of continuity between phone and your tablet and even your watch now let's talk the s pen and of course the s pen is one of the biggest appeals of this tablet right being able to buy something kind of a budget price or pretty close to a budget price that comes with an s pen included i know some people who have been on the verge of getting either the tab a or getting something that would be compatible with the samsung s pen and this here the tab s6 lite is actually a great pickup or great compromise for those people now many people have been asking hats holding up how the tip of the pen is holding up it's holding up pretty well i know it's only been what i think two months but it's been holding up very well and it's my understanding that even if you were to break it somehow.

If you're using a screen protector and somehow it damages the nibs you should still be able to either interchange that if you have another s pen that apparently they're all compatible or you can simply order one off of amazon for either the s p s tab s4 or the galaxy note apparently they're pretty much interchangeable now don't quote me on this that's what people are saying i haven't had a chance to actually use that but that's what i'm hearing and one of my favorite features about this pen here is that you don't really have to charge it to use it it just starts working right out the box and it actually mirrors many of the features available on the galaxy note 10 pluses s pen you know things like turning writing into text or the smart select tool copying and pasting images or even using split screen and all that good stuff i haven't experienced any latency so feedback is usually immediate on this pen so latency has not been an issue really for me and i'm only kind of noticing it now because i have a tab s6 which is kind of super quick with that s pen but overall i still say that for the average student who needs to be taking notes while using the s pen this actually will do the job very well and of course that is to a certain extent depending on the type of work that you are doing as a student.

Gaming has been good here light medium and even heavy games are playing pretty well here now some large games like fortnite would definitely have frame drops but things like call of duty play extremely well on here now the cameras are pretty good on here so expect kind of samsung level types of camera maybe not the types that you would find on samsung flagship devices but the camera is still pretty good you get a 5 megapixel front facing camera and an 8 megapixel rear facing one both camera can shoot 1080p videos at 30 frames per second but i have to bring this up again there is no flash on that camera on the back there as far as battery goes you get that 7000 milliamp hour battery and it is fast charge capable and it's been pretty good so far so i'm still getting that 10 hours with my type of usage and as i always say this is very subjective right based off your type of usage you may get either less or more but for me i'm getting roughly 10 hours which is actually really really good.

Overall i think this is still a very good tablet especially for people who are kind of budget-minded and want to spend money on something that's going to be able to perform multitasking and medium level jobs with no issues of course with that four gigs of ram as i mentioned earlier but at the same time not be on the low end of let's say the tab a for example and get some stutters also get some stuff that crash this would be a very nice pickup for them i truly hope this was informative again my user experience was great it's been good so far for the past two months and i'm gonna do another update on this tablet in maybe another month or another couple months or so just letting you know how this is holding up how that s pen because that seems to be what a lot of people are worried about so people who are students people who are wondering how this tablet is for taking notes i can tell you that feedback is fantastic on here when you're writing on here you get that great feedback i see if you're actually writing on paper it's really really good for taking notes again depending on the type of productivity that you are working with if you're doing heavy heavy stuff maybe look for a productivity tablet right she would do common tests would dictate you do otherwise this is still a very good tab.