Friday, August 14, 2020

The Motion Song Lyrics Meaning - Drake

Read Drake - The Motion Lyrics Song Meaning Explained.

Album: Care Package
Release Date: August 2, 2019
Record Label: OVO, Republic Records
Songwriter: Aubrey Graham, Shebib, Sampha Sisay
Producer: Sampha, 40

“Timbs” is short for Timberlands, a footwear company founded in 1928. The company experienced a “golden age” of popularity amongst the hip-hop community during the 90s. Chubbs is not only a member of Drake’s OVO crew, he is also Drake’s long time friend and bodyguard. “From the Way” is slang for Galloway, which is a popular neighborhood on the Eastside of Scarborough, which ties in with his next line.

Drake is giving a shoutout to Scarborough, a borough on the eastern fringe of Toronto proper. The area is stereotypically associated with violence due to its impoverished community. It frequently receives nicknames like Scareborough, Scarberia, Scarlem like Harlem, and Scomptown like Compton.

Drake and his girl had agreed on unconditional sex, but Drake started catching feelings for her. He tweeted this line in May 2013. We said no strings attached and I still got tied up in that...

This could be about Drake’s fling, Nebby..

This line is also from Californication season 6 episode 12, which aired in 2013 and features character Hank Moody saying it to Atticus Fetch. Everything I write is either for her or about her, so I’m always with her, even when I’m not.

Drake name dropped the show before on Timbaland’s November 2009 track, “Say Something”: I sit and drink wine and watch Californication, to life.

In May 2011, Drake remixed SBTRKT’s “Wildfire.” SBTRKT is English producer, Aaron Jerome, who frequently collaborates with Sampha.

Their live show consists of Jerome utilizing electronic and acoustic drums alongside triggering samples and using a mixing desk, with Sampha playing keyboards, triggering vocal loops and singing.