Friday, September 18, 2020

Jodeci Freestyle Song Lyrics Meaning - Drake ft. J. Cole

Read Drake featuring J. Cole - Jodeci Freestyle Lyrics Song Meaning Explained.

Album: Care Package
Release Date: August 2, 2019
Record Label: OVO, Republic Records
Songwriter: Aubrey Graham, Shebib, Roosevelt Harrell III
Producer: Bink!, 40

Despite his relatively young age in the rap game, Drake is able to boast being on three covers of the GQ magazine. His first cover describes his rise to fame in the rap game and his second delves into his fashion sense and exposure to designer clothing. His third and most recent cover delves into his difficult upbringing and further describes his rise to fame and prosperity.

Drake connects this line to the line above through his usage of the word “cover.” While Drake is on magazine covers, other rappers cover his old songs, sounding “like Drake featuring Drake.”

This line could be adding fuel to the fire of the ongoing Chris Brown vs. Drake beef. Last year, Drake released a song featuring Aaliyah’s vocals called “Enough Said”. Chris Brown proceeded to also use these vocals on his new song “Don’t Think They Know”, something which, due to Drizzy’s love for the deceased songstress, must have struck a nerve and prompted this line to happen.

Drake alludes to his Club Paradise tour, which featured Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky. The successful tour brought in approximately $43.4 million and consisted of 67 different shows, while lasting for almost 4 months. In addition, featured artist J. Cole actually served as the tour opener on the second leg of the tour.

He can read them, he knows they aren’t truly winning as he could see right through clear empty fish tanks. On Ryan Leslie’s song, “Swiss Francs”, he said this similar line: I can see right through these haters: fish tanks.

Drake alludes to his February 2006 project Room For Improvement, where he was noticeably more interested in rapping. In his 2011 album Take Care, he embraced his softer side more and decided to sing more, which was a succesful choice.

Drake makes a lot of money, so the Internal Revenue System is investigating him like Matlock. Matlock was a TV show about legal issues who’s main character was lawyer Ben Matlock.

Drizzy is obtaining so much Capital, as in money or currency, that it appears he has left his Capital Lock button on his keyboard on, this is a play on words. This line (along with the next two) sound similar to these lines at the end of Wale’s “Beautiful Bliss”:

Capital I’m raising like I’m through punctuating
Or shift keys or an I placement cause
Shifted keys gets your capital raised up

Anytime Drake comes out with new music, there is always a lot of hype behind it. And his music usually sets precident for a long time after. Also, the line before this and the line after this also share a common factor which is a reference to the keyboard. He has the CAPS LOCK on, he is gonna RETURN to SHIFT the game, and he is talking different keys.

While there are a lot of rappers talking about selling kilos, i.e,‘ keys ’ of cocaine, Drake can still make money off of music that doesn’t involve drug-dealing references. This could be a shot at Pusha T, an artist known for rapping about his drug-dealing past. The two have history so it’s definitely possible.

This is also a play off the two lines before where he references different keys on a keyboard (caps lock, return, shift.) These keys could also refer to the musical ones. The second half of this line includes the term “pitch,” which is a musical term used in reference to placing sounds on a frequency-related scale.

Drake is referencing a term used a lot in the business world. The first rule to investing is paying yourself which means to set aside money usually deposited into your 401k. Essentially what Drizzy is saying is he’s created a loop in which he saves his money but then continues to owe himself or in other terms make more money.

Although Drake can mean this: “Before you come to my city just know yourself” – Know who you are as a person so you won’t get lost (within the street life). “Know where you at” – Know which area to be in and which area to not be in.

He can also be indicating that, If anyone plans to come to the city in which he reps “Toronto” they should know who Drake is, as he is running that town and has built the map for it in the music industry. It would be kind of hard to break his career and and take shots at him as he is one of the most successful rappers, he even won a Grammy- Add that to the resume.

In “5AM in Toronto”, Drizzy says: I got a gold trophy from the committee for validation.

Jodeci is an American R&B band, which has been on hiatus since 1998. The group was extremely popular among the female audience, so if it were to return, a lot of women just might get overly excited.

Interesting enough, Drake chooses to feature his father, Dennis Graham, who once worked as a drummer for the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis. Drake puts his dad’s voice on the track like he did for his grandmother on “Look what you’ve done” to describe how they have that everlasting bond and he’s still the same person.

Drake and Dennis used to listen to music driving from Toronto to Memphis and back when Dennis would spend time with him. This is why Dennis is saying they went through EVERYTHING. They had time on their hands to create a shared musical history.

“I’d never fly to Memphis; my dad would always pick me up in Toronto and we’d drive, and it was like 21 hours,” says Drake. “On that drive he would just play me the greatest music, and then bring me to Beale Street and drive around the city, and I started to understand what it was about Memphis.”