Friday, September 11, 2020

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7 Yoga Series (AMD Ryzen 7) - Laptop Review

Now for the past week I've been using the Lenovo ideapad slim 7 otherwise known as the yoga slim 7 in other parts of the world as my daily driver. I've been putting it through its paces checking out that Ryzen 7 processor looking at that beautiful 14 inch display the all metal premium design and it really checks all the boxes but i wanted to see how it would perform in everyday use and the good news is it passed with flying callers. The quality the slim 7 has a premium all metal design with its aluminum frame very rigid built construction at 3.08 pounds or 1.4 kilograms definitely not the lightest we've seen out there but definitely portable enough to take with you on the go and I love the fact there's very little branding except this Lenovo tag on the lid nice and minimal the way i like it.

The only other branding is the 7 series etched into the reverse notch i covered the ports in my unboxing article but for those that didn't see it on the left side is a usb-c port that does power delivery in. You also have an hdmi port for display out, you also get another usb-c 3.2 port that does data charge and display out and a 3.5 millimeter audio jack. Moving over to the right side is your micro sd card reader for storage expansion two usb-a ports and finally your power button. Now as far as the internals and user upgradeability is concerned Lenovo makes it really easy to get inside this laptop just remove the t5 torx screws there are seven of them all around the laptop pop off the bottom plate and you're in it's that simple. Now once inside you'll observe that there are 2 fans we'll get into cooling and thermals a little bit later in this article and there's also of course an expandable ssd as it is user upgradable slotted in.

If you're not happy with the storage solution you could always upgrade it yourself now unfortunately the ram is soldered into the motherboard and that is not user upgradable now that ram is lpddr4x ram and the unit that i have has eight gigabytes of ram there are skus with 16 gigabytes of ram as well and that is an option you can do at checkout if you could find one of those skus that does have the 16 gigabytes now this says wi-fi 6 it's socketed in that means you can replace it later on down the road but it is wi-fi 6 pretty future proof and it works well with its bluetooth 5 combo good range good connections all working well on that front the slim 7 sports a 60.7 watt hour battery and battery life was actually really good on this laptop let's check it out now super impressed with the battery it has a 60.7 watt hour battery as i showed you when we looked inside this laptop and it did a phenomenal 15 hours and 14 minutes on my continuous web surfing test over wi-fi at 115 hits giving you all-day battery life and then some excellent job on that front and i also noticed that it takes less than two hours for a full charge with the included 65 watt usbc power adapter that's pretty good.

The hinges on this laptop are pretty sturdy and yes for those wondering you can open the lid with one finger as far as the keyboard itself is concerned i actually really do like it as i mentioned in my unboxing video these are smile shaped keys nicely spaced out good tactile feedback decent key travel really good in terms of sturdiness there's not a lot of flex on this and it worked really well it also has a multi-stage backlight which allows you to get work done in a dark room or a dimly lit environment worked well and as far as the touchpad is concerned it's a precision touch pad which was very responsive it's a glass touch pad and it worked really well two fingers scrolling buttery smooth all the windows 10 gestures are working as advertised okay let's talk about the display one of my favorite parts of this laptop it's looking really good what we're looking at is a 14 inch display with a resolution of 1920x1080 it's an ips display and it looks really good now when it comes to the deep blacks vibrant colors good white points good contrast it's all there it also covers the color gamut really well 99 srgb 76 adobe rgb 76 of the p3 wide color gamut 70 ntsc making this a good choice for content creators to do lightroom photoshop and of course video editing it also has a really low delta e score meaning the color accuracy is spot on.

When it comes to screen brightness it doesn't disappoint coming in at 385 nits making this good for both indoor and outdoor use now i originally measured 365 in my unboxing video but i re-measured it in a more proper lighting condition and i actually got 385 that's pretty good and they noticed that it had really good viewing angles with no screen bleed all good on that front it also has some pretty slim side bezels a minimum top bezel and a bit of a chin on the bottom but not too noticeable pretty sleek and modern look when it comes to this laptop but one thing to keep in mind it is a glossy display i am a bigger fan of course of matte displays but this isn't too bad in terms of the glare or the reflections but you will notice them every now and then or especially in direct sunlight something to keep in mind and they didn't detect any screen flickering or pwm otherwise known as pulse width modulation so for those people that are sensitive to pwm this is a good choice in terms of the display but the bottom line is lenovo did a really good job with this display so this is the front-facing camera on the lenovo ideapad slim7 here for 2020 720p 30 frames per second it's also a windows hello camera infrared camera that means you can log in with face recognition uh so far really impressive with this slim 7.

i did a sound test in my unboxing article but for those that didn't see it this laptop sports two two watt front-facing speakers they're dolby atmos speakers and they sound pretty good now i compared it to the lenovo ideapad flex 5 which i reviewed a couple of months ago and i compared it to this slim 7. let's give it a listen once again to see the comparison between the two three weeks ago i took delivery of the dell xps 17 9700 that i purchased with my own money when dell announced it earlier this year along with the dell xps 15 i was excited i was more excited about the 17 inch version because we haven't seen that in about 10 years three weeks ago i took delivery of the dell xps 17 9700 that i purchased with my own money when dell announced it earlier this year along with the dell xps 15 i was excited i was more excited about the 17 17-inch version because we haven't seen that in about 10 years on the xps line so when i took delivery of it about three weeks ago i was really excited about it on the xps line.

When i took delivery of it about three weeks ago i was really excited about it before we get to the performance numbers and benchmarks we want to point out there are some differences between the ryzen 7 4700u which is what i have here and the ryzen 7 4 800u it's not that much of a difference as you'd might think although there are some little differences here and there that do make a little bit of a difference let's get into the numbers now now when it comes to the numbers the ryzen 7 4700u and 4800u both did really well the 4800u had a slight uptick as opposed to that 4700 u but not that much bigger in terms of the gap between the two so if you're looking at the 4700u and want to save maybe 100 or so dollars uh this definitely will get the job done it actually did really well when it comes to doing everyday tasks things like Microsoft office email web browsing it all worked well now when it comes to gaming again not too much of a difference between the two very capable machines if you put it on the low settings i found that to be the sweet spot 1080p you definitely get playable frame rates with titles such as witcher 3 shadow of the tomb raider dota 2 and more so definitely playable on both the 4700u variant or the 4800u variant again if you want to save a few dollars go with that 4700u now when i put this under the stress test the prime95 stress test that i ran it got to about 3.6 gigahertz for about five seconds before steadily falling and stabilizing at 2.3 gigahertz with a core temperature of 65 degrees celsius and when i ran my gaming tester which are three gaming tests which is indicative of what you're going to do for the casual gamer the integrated gpu remains stable at its advertised clock rate pretty good.

Let's bring it all home can i recommend the Lenovo ideapad or also known as the yoga slim 7 here for 2020. and the answer is absolutely this is an excellent laptop that brings a lot to the table i like its bright vibrant 14-inch full hd ips display the premium metal build and design the excellent keyboard precision touch pad the fact that you can get this with this ryzen 7 either the 4700u or the 4800u you can't go wrong with either one has surprisingly good speakers i like the fact that you're getting all day battery life and then some it also has free sync support to help with your gaming experience the negatives here as i mentioned in my unboxing video non-upgradable ram no thunderbolt 3 ports no 4k display option but when it's all said and done lenovo has delivered an outstanding laptop that comes in at a great price this is a definite recommend making it worth your money so what do you think about this bad boy the lenovo ideapad slim seven or yoga slim seven depending where you are uh really premium all metal build nice thin light portable laptop that really checks all the boxes i like that ryzen 7 processor now i have the 4700u but as you saw from the numbers the 4800u are very similar in terms of the performance a little bit better of course with that 4800 u not much but a good indicator of what you can expect.

If you go with this 899 dollar model as i did now as far as the display 14-inch ips display a non-touch display uh gets very bright i measure 385 this time around and i think that's pretty much what you want from this a really nice bright display not too many reflections or glare although it is glossy uh not too bad i've seen worse uh in other laptops now as far as the battery life insane battery life i got 15 plus hours on my continuous web surfing test over wi-fi at 150 nits giving you all day plus battery life that's actually been pretty good now as far as performance like i said the benchmarks are all there the gaming is there if you put it on low settings uh it all worked well now the port selection was pretty good although of course you don't get a thunderbolt three again not a big deal breaker for most people so this is a good port selection on this laptop i also thought the speakers were actually surprisingly good as i mentioned in my unboxing video they get loud they're top firing speakers which i really like and i thought there was a hint of bass uh not that filling up a nice size room pretty nicely i was actually pretty surprised at how good the speakers are on this laptop but as far as i'm concerned there are no deal breakers here ladies and gentlemen $899 sounds about right again a premium all-metal design definitely worth that price tag in my opinion good performance out of that ryzen 7 excellent battery life.