Friday, September 4, 2020

Surface Pro X Review

The surface pro X comes well packaged and it's only available in black and the keyboards are also in black so you don't have the variety of color choice you get with the surface pro 7. it comes with the powerful 65 watt charger that will charge rapidly and some paperwork the keyboard will run you an additional $139. But you can get them in a bundle for $269 which saves you a few dollars about fourteen dollars so this will be a expensive tablet to get with the keyboard and pen.

I have been a fan of the surface pro lineup since I first tried out the surface pro 4 in 2016 since then I have been waiting for the day that they went with the 13 inch display on the surface pro now here it is in the all-new surface pro X and I love the design I wish they had this design treatment on the surface pro 7 as well. I really hope they do it to the surface pro 8 or whatever they call it. Taking a closer look at the surface pro X it is very thin and has rounded corners which makes it look very appealing and it weighs as much as the surface pro 7 at 1.7 pounds while having a slightly larger footprint. I like that the finally one would USB type-c the pro X comes with two USB type-c ports on the left here the output audio and can also charge the tablet.

So I can now use my USB type-c flash drive with this tablet so that is a plus for me the 13-inch display looks really good with the slim bezels and it still retains the 3:2 aspect ratio so you will have some black bars when watching videos and movies the display gets very bright and the viewing angles are good you get an enhanced mode that makes the colors pop just a little more you will probably want to stick to srgb if you would do any kind of photo editing or drawing on this tablet the surface pro X has been a joy to use in class I absolutely enjoy taking notes with it the bigger display makes it better to pull my e-book on one side and one note on the other I had a little bit more room than I did with the surface pro 6 the surface pro X is not much bigger than my previous surface pro 6 or the surface pro 7.

It didn't take up any more room than the surface pro 6 stayed on my desk I hardly used the keyboard when using it in the classroom because I used the pen to write on the tablet and the virtual keyboard whenever I needed to type something so I would just remove the keyboard I will turn it around and reattach it so I didn't scratch the back of the surface Pro X when I laid it on the desk you can also just wing the keyboard back but then you have a higher chance of getting the keyboard dirty if you will be using the keyboard in class you might find the trackpad to be a little loud it is louder than the surface pro 6 or surface pro 7 it might just be my unit but this will definitely be heard in a quiet classroom something else that I notice is that the cursor speed feels a little slow even after I set it to the max speed which is not a huge deal but it could use some improvement I find the keyboard to be comfortable to type on and I can type on it efficiently and it's still ballet key but with five levels of brightness the surface Pro X is great if you only use the office apps like OneNote where PowerPoint and Excel as well surfing the web and watching videos like for example I use this to work on my physics project I use OneNote to show the work behind our solutions use Excel to take down the data then transfer the graphs to PowerPoint for a group presentation now if you have to write a report on it you can just pull up word and start writing your report there the tablet handle issues on keeping all of these apps open at the same time being put to sleep and waking up immediately to where I left off the next day so we're great for that if you want to smooth this experience.

I recommend putting it on Best Performance and taking a hit on battery life taking notes with the service slim pen doesn't feel uncomfortable I can jot down my notes just as well as I did with the surface pro pen I can easily flip the pan around to erase with the back end and then flip it back again to start writing the slim pens to offers the shortcuts at the surface pen did with Bluetooth you can still press the eraser button double press and press and hold to launch a command I have mine set to launch OneNote on a double press and take a screenshot on a single press a long press will open my sticky notes and this is what has worked best for me so the rioting has felt very smooth I have used it on my 2 and 3 hour class and have no complaints using it the slim pant is comfortable to hold and my index finger can easily press the side button which functions as a select tool to move things around in OneNote the tip on the slim pant is a little hard so I got a tempered glass for the surface pro X since I felt like it would create micro scratches on the display since I got my tablet early on there were many Kimber glasses I had a perfect fit on the surface pro X Mayan cover part of the speaker cutout but it did the job I would have loved it the surface limp and used interchangeable nibs like the surface pro pen does the hard triangular tip is great for till shading but sometimes a thinner nib is preferable to create more precise lines the slim pen is fine for writing and drawing but it's just a preference of mine now going onto drawing on the surface Pro X the surface products is great for drawing with its large screen although not all drawing apps are supported on here.

I try to sketch upon it was very smooth on here there was very low latency and did a quick body sketch and it felt very responsive I didn't have any discomfort while drying with a slim pen so it's great for quick sketches if you're going to buy this to use as your drawing canvas then you will have to check if your preferred drawing program is supported on the surface pro X because not all are my favorite drawing app is sketchbook but you can't download the sketchbook app from the Windows Store you will have to search for the 32-bit version to download and if you want to use Photoshop on this to draw with you will also have to download the 32-bit version and that one limits the amount of RAM that I can use my to go up for drawing a sketchbook so I went ahead and downloaded the 32-bit version that I found online and the link is below in the description if you want to try that out so the application worked ok it doesn't come with the cool pen feature where only lets you draw with the pen and move with your fingers which was a bit annoying for me when I would try to move around it would make lines on my drawings randomly so I would have to hit undo multiple times because it happened in very often so I went ahead and put a timeless with me drawing Gogeta on here while I'll talk about my experience while drawing on the surface pro x so accidentally erased the beginning of my drawing thinking that I had already transferred it to my PC because my sd card was running low on storage so that is why I started off halfway through my drawing.

When I first saw the surface pro slim pen being announced I was very skeptical at first on how comfortable of slim pen would be but I was surprised that it wasn't as uncomfortable as I'd expected it after hours of drawing with it the surface limp and still has a jittery effect when join slow lines but as improved over the surface pro six the pressure sensitivity still remains the same with 4096 levels of pressure applying pressure on the surface limp and feels about the same as with the surface pro pen to me you can adjust the sensitivity in the surface app I tend to keep at our level for when I'm riding on one note and change it to a level seven when I'm drawing one hour into my Kujira drawing and I had no complaints about the comfort where I can see someone having discomfort with this pen is if you tend to grab your pen tightly you will get some indentation from the narrow side of the pen on your thumb which might cause some discomfort after long hours of drawing for 144 dollars I don't see anything special about the surface lamp and that makes it better than the surface pro pen that you can get for around $80 you will be better off with the surface pro pen.

If you want to save some money and you'll get the same performance plus the battery on the surface pro pen will last you about 10 months and you don't have to worry about changing it any time soon sure wireless charging on the pen is cool and all and being able to put it away in the keyboard is also nice but my suggestion to you is to wait until the price goes down if you really want to get this pen and keyboard so if you will be using the surface pro x menu to write on it with one or like I am and for classwork then I strongly recommend buying the surface pro pen unless you don't mind the high price tag of the surface lamp and then that is a good option too I still prefer to run your view of the surface pro pen and not just because it's cheaper now moving on to the battery what I love about the surface pro X is that in our charges on a 65 watt charger meaning that it can charge faster than the surface pro 6 the surface pro 7 also uses the same 65 watt charger which is pretty cool the surface pro x takes about an hour to reach 80% which is awesome what I also like is that it can be charged through the USB C port it can take in as much as 45 watts through the USB see the surface pro 7 on the other hand is limited to 25 watts to the USB C port so for me this is exciting because I can still use my 45 watt portable power bank to keep the surface pro x charged when there's no alleys nearby plus I no longer need to carry the extra cable that I needed to to charge the surface pro 6 with my power bank.

I can now use any USB C cable that I have which is great as for the battery life Microsoft claims a 10 hour of battery life which is less than other laptop using an ARM processor in my usage I've gotten about 7 hours of battery life just taking notes on one own and doing homework on it as well as watching videos this isn't a huge improvement compared to the 6 hours I got my surface pro 6 but it definitely helps I really love the fact that I can charge it on my power pick and use the 45 watt delivery on it so after getting my hands on the surface pro X it was tough going back to the twelve point three inch display of the surface pro seven the surface pro X is a great laptop for the right people for those who will only be surfing the web using office apps like Word Excel and PowerPoint and to those who want to stay connected to the internet without the need of a hotspot the surface pro X has a very attractive design but the price is a little too high when you compare it to the surface pro seven which you can get with the bundled keyboard for a price less than the surface pro X tablet by itself so with that it makes it very difficult to recommend it's a great design and I love what Microsoft is doing and I hope to see great performance improvements on their second gen.