Friday, October 9, 2020

Free Spirit Song Lyrics Meaning - Drake ft. Rick Ross

Read Drake featuring Rick Ross - Free Spirit Lyrics Song Meaning Explained.

Album: Care Package
Release Date: August 2, 2019
Record Label: OVO, Republic Records
Songwriter: Aubrey Graham, Shebib, Roberts, Stuart
Producer: 40

Drake shouting out the XO team, The Weeknd. Drake has been, by his own admission, obsessed with Jimi Hendrix in recent years, even leaving a note on the great guitarist’s grave – his pilgrimage there is pictured below. “Voodoo Chile” and, especially, its reprise “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”, are well-known Hendrix songs.

This section serves as a tribute to deceased Texas rap figures. Chad “Pimp C” Butler was a member of the legendary Texas rap group UGK. The group’s remaining member, Bernard “Bun B” Freeman, has taken to championing Drake

Robert “DJ Screw” Davis, Jr. was another seminal Texas rap figure, associated with the Houston scene. The DJ’s claim to fame was making mixtapes where he slowed down the music, using a technique that would come to bear his name. Screw made almost 250 mixtapes before his 2000 passing, and some of the earlier ones were referred to as grey tapes because they were recorded on a Maxell tape similar to the one shown below:

The “chopped and screwed” sound, and most of the Houston rap scene, would come to be associated with purple drank, a drink containing codeine and promethazine, whose woozy buzz perfectly matched the slowed-down feel of Screw’s tapes. The final two lines mention the drank and its buzz as a means Drake has taken to slow down his fast-paced life.

Fornication is the act of two unmarried people who have sexual intercourse. On Drake’s November 2011 track, “Lord Knows,” Ross also mentions fornication: Mink coats make your woman wanna fornicate (fornicate).

Purple hash, also known as purple haze, is a hybrid flavored cannabis strain that has a purple color. Ross' “power circle” is MMG or Maybach Music Group, his record label, who consists of notable artists such as Wale, Meek Mill, Gunplay and Ross himself. It would also the title of a popular song by Ross released the following year in June 2012.

A “rubberband man” is someone who can get money with ease. They’re given this name as rubber bands are used to hold large wads of cash together. Ross may also be alluding to T.I’s December 2003 hit, “Rubber Band Man.” Both are good friends and have collaborated many times together.

Rozay wants a real-life drum roll played by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. Lest you think Ross is secretly headbanging to “What’s My Age Again”, Barker also works with tons of rappers, and in fact toured with Ross in 2011. However, the “wheels land” language here is rather thoughtless, as Barker was involved in a 2008 plane crash that left him with serious burns, and killed four others.