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Scottie Beam Song Lyrics Meaning - Freddie Gibbs, The Alchemist & Rick Ross

Read Freddie Gibbs, The Alchemist, Rick Ross - Scottie Beam Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : Alfredo Release Date : May 29, 2020 Record Label : ESGN, ALC, Empire Records Songwriter : Tipton, Maman, William Roberts III, Norman Virgil Whiteside Producer : The Alchemist This is a reference to the legendary 1971 Gil Scott-Heron song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” Scott-Heron was sampled in the outro of the album’s previous track, “God Is Perfect.” The “televised executions” Gibbs mentions are probably the numerous instances of police brutality that continue to surface since the advent smart phones, bringing attention the the long-enduring problem of disproportionate police violence against Black people. Gibbs also appears to refer to the idea that the treatment of Black people throughout American History amounts to genocide. This includes atrocities committed under slavery, which have been called Maafa or the Black Holocaust, and the lynching, compulsory sterili

Emotionally Scarred Song Lyrics Meaning - Lil Baby

Read Lil Baby - Emotionally Scarred Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : My Turn Release Date : April 15, 2020 Record Label : Motown, Quality Control Records Songwriter : Dominique Jones, Deundraeus Portis Producer : Twysted Genius For Baby, loyalty and love go hand in hand. While he does not hold a grudge against his significant other for past transgressions, he must move past hurtful situations. Here, Baby expresses his frustration through choosing to discard letters of affection and, by extension, his connection to a lost love. On his hit 2019 single, “Woah,” Baby outlined a similar lack of willingness to start over with someone, even when feelings change: She said she miss it and sendin' emojis No time to kick it, I’m always in motion Can’t say I miss you, I don’t got emotions

Meat Grinder Song Lyrics Meaning - Madvillain

Read Madvillain - Meat Grinder Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : Madvillainy Release Date : March 23, 2004 Record Label : Stones Throw Records Songwriter : Americo Galindez Producer : Madlib This sample comes from the Frank Zappa song Sleeping in a Jar, which comes from his album Uncle Meat. The album title might have inspired the name Meat Grinder. The sample begins at the end of the song Accordion, and sound effects continue to play throughout the song in the background, such as a pig snort, possibly continuing to play into the meat theme. He’s “tripping off the beat”, that is, hallucinating as if on drugs. “Dripping off the meat grinder” is a metaphor for “fresh”, as in Madlib’s crazy production on this track. “Tripping off the beat” may also refer to DOOM’s off-kilter flow. The expression “trip/roll off the tongue”, means “to say something with ease”. It might mean that he spits lyrics without effort, like a grinder that easily grinds meat. The meat comes off the

That Way Song Lyrics Meaning - Lil Uzi Vert

Read Lil Uzi Vert - That Way Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : Eternal Atake Release Date : March 1, 2020 Record Label : Generation Now, Atlantic Records Songwriter : Symere Woods, Jonathan Priester, Andres Espana Producer : Supah Mario, Felipe S, Yung Lan Lil Uzi Vert flips the Backstreet Boys‘ classic April 1999 single, “I Want It That Way,” from their best-selling 1999 album, Millennium. In the chorus of the song, the group’s members sing together: I never want to hear you say I want it that way Backstreet’s own Nick Carter acknowledged Uzi’s interpolation in a March 2020 tweet, inviting the Philadelphia rapper to feature on the band’s next album. Member Brian Littrell also posted a video clip of him singing along to the track on Instagram.

34+35 Song Lyrics Meaning - Ariana Grande

Read Ariana Grande - 34+35 Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : Positions Release Date : October 30, 2020 Record Label : Republic Records Songwriter : Grande, Brown, Franks, JohnsonParx, Victoria MonĂ©t Producer : Brown, Franks, Xavi, Johnson Ariana and one of her choreographers, Scott Nicholson, wrote these lines. On the album’s day of release, a fan on Twitter asked about Scott’s involvement with the song, to which Ariana replied: oh the best night of my life he brought us all the gift that is the “gimme them babies” line In an interview with the Zach Sang Show, she explained how the writing session went down: I was like what comes after ‘You might think I’m crazy / The way I’ve been cravin’ / If I put it quite plainly' and Scott was like ‘Just give me them babies’. He said that he was joking and I was like ‘No, no, no, we’re doing it, it’s done, it’s perfect’. It came up as a total joke and then I fell in love with it.

Replace Me Song Lyrics Meaning - Nas ft. Big Sean & Don Toliver

Read Nas featuring Big Sean & Don Toliver - Replace Me Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : King's Disease Release Date : August 21, 2020 Record Label : Republic Records Songwriter : Nasir Jones, Sean Anderson, Caleb Toliver, Hollis Producer : Hit-Boy, Haze, Eric Choice Here, Don is reinterpolating the hook on Ella Mai’s track trip by using the same melody and flow. He also references the lines “I put my feelings on safety” Nas is telling this girl that he has become a good guy around the lady, but now after the break up, it’s going to be difficult to control him as he is now removing the safety pin. In a scene from the movie Love Jones, Larenz Tate and Nia Long, who play Darius Lovehall and Nina Mosley respectively, are seen together on a moving bike.