Thursday, November 5, 2020

Gaming CPU's Ryzen 5900X Vs i9-10900K Review with Benchmarks

AMD have just launched their ryzen zen 3 processors and in this article we're going to get straight into the numbers with those gaming benchmarks, where i've tested here in 1080p, 1440p and 4k. Focus will be on the 5900x that's the Ryzen 9 5900x that uses seven nanometers and comes in at a price point of $549, but we'll also throw in the 5950x results for you guys that are thinking about getting this CPU. As well in terms of the 5800x and also the 5600x, I am still waiting on them to come in and we will talk about the overclocking a little bit later but going through all these 1080p Numbers, 1440p and even 4k.

We coupled this with the RTX 3090 (Founder’s) and also the ASRock x570 Taichi motherboard that the performance out of the Zen 3 cpus is absolutely phenomenal, it's pretty much matching that of a 10900K and so depending on the game and you're probably going to see this with the heaps of other games that are getting tested out there depending on the game they are going to trade blows. That was pretty much my overall conclusion of looking at these results, I couldn't really put my finger on which one was the gaming king, basically pick a title roll the dice and whether the 5900x or the 10900k perform better than one another is really going to depend on that title.

However going forward I do like the ipc gains on these new zen 3 processors measured here at my studio was around a raw 15 gain in ipc looking at the cinebench results which is a benchmark that amd heavily uses and I've used that for comparing ipc in the past and it is these exact ipc gains which is what i personally love as a tech enthusiast. I want to see the company striving to keep giving us better products innovating the game and of course coming out with the best numbers which is where these new ryzen processors really shine in my opinion where we look at the productivity numbers where the 5900x depending on the benchmark that we pull up here we're going from adobe to v-ray to also center bench to 7-zip the 5950x and the 5900x are in another league and they do comfortably beat out the previous generation zen 2 cpus which were considered the value kings of productivity.

The ryzen processors here is that the power consumption out of the box is very well controlled and in fact i do want to go and revisit this and test it with more retail biases coming out on different motherboards where i was only limited to the taichi x570 where the tdp was limited out of the box and that's what i wanted to test on because that's all i know to go by as to what the consumer is going to be buying off the shelves and here we can see that both these cpus were being limited to 120 watts when we had 110 watts on the cpu plus the 10 watts on the soc and ryzen master was showing this and then the from the wall power consumption figures were also showing that the power consumption was very well controlled and giving out some amazing results however then we overclocked the cpus and this is the next part that we're going to go into here overclocking on these cpus was quite simply phenomenal i was actually blown away to the point where i want to go out and buy a retail sample just to double check and make sure these overclocks are indeed 100 and that i didn't get sent the best cpu in the game or at least on two of them where i was getting on both the cpu is 4.7 gigahertz all core overclocks and the results at these levels were absolutely phenomenal.

The power consumption was still very well controlled we were using up about the same power as a 10 900 k for example when we're overclocking but we are getting much bigger results however one thing that did concern me here was that the ryzen master reported that the safe or the temperature limit was 90 degrees but we were going over that 90 degrees and the cpu wasn't shutting down and one more thing that was a little bit concerning was these overclocks were done 4.7 gigahertz all cause was done in my queensland humid temperature of 26 degree ambient so i'm scratching my head as to if the seven nanometer could improve that much in the span of a year so very very impressive overclocks what i'm seeing so far though i will validate these with a retail sample and then make a whole dedicated video towards ryzen 5000 overclocking but in the meantime if you are an enthusiast and you do see a lot of other reviewers getting really good scores with overclocking and it's pretty much a unanimous decision then i would recommend going out and getting some really good cooling and a really good motherboard and you'll be having very happy days when it comes to getting the most out of the enthusiast tech whether it be the 5900x or the 5950x.

Speaking of overclocking one thing that you will want to do with these cpus is install the ryzen master software especially if you want to do an auto overclock here's where i did lock in the auto overclock settings and surprisingly they did a good job of giving you a performance boost without you having to tamper really anything and the best thing was the power consumption and also the temperatures were also very well controlled at these levels so if you are a newcomer to the world of pcs but you still want to get that overclocking feeling then the ryzen master software is going to do a good job of enabling you to get into the world of overclocking at least in terms of hey you can tell your friends you've got an overclocked cpu and so far into this review it has been nothing but praise for amd's new cpus however one thing we do have to take a look at and take a step back is take a look at the value for money and here's where i made a chart representative of the geekbench multi-core score where i feel like that was generally overall a very good representation of the multi-core performance.

I then took the current street pricing on the cpus that are available and then the upcoming msrps of the zen 3 processors and then added that into a chart and lo and behold we can still see that the previous generation ryzen 5 3600 and also the 10400f those six core 12 threaded cpus are still pulling out objectively the best value for money and so if you want to go out and get a ryzen 9 5900x do keep in mind that what are you really going to be doing with this cpu are you going to be using it for productivity is it going to be saving you time and are you going to be coupling it with a high-end gpu if the answer is yes to either one of those or both of those then the 5900x and also the 5950x are going to be really good purchases that will save you a lot of time on the flip side of things if you are on a strict budget and you want to get a better gpu then it may be worth saving some money and going with a previous generation zen 2 ryzen cpu at cheaper prices and spending more money on a gpu and before we move on to a conclusion the final thing to talk about is the latency involved with the cpus now amd has increased the amount of causes going into one module from four to eight this time around and in turn that will help reduce the latencies however i couldn't really find any benchmark specifically to test this and in fact the w prime benchmark that i was running here wasn't really i guess running properly for the new zen3 cpus we're actually got some pretty odd results.

Also what I used to measure on previous generation ryzens the ccx latency measure that just wouldn't open up because it wouldn't recognize the cpus so it did seem like this release is a little bit different to previous releases where amd did have a much tighter control of the people who are able to test these cpus and the biases they were given but in direct regards to latency zen 2 was already really good in terms of general usage i noticed the difference between zen plus and especially zen plus over the original zen that was released and from the general usage i'm seeing here from the studio taking through a test drive in adobe premiere pro xen3 is the best that amd has produced to date so i feel like they've definitely improved the latency though i don't have any objective tests to test that just yet and in relation to the imc amd has said that it has improved this time around with zen 3 versus zen 2 the only test i can tell you that i have done here to validate that claim is put in four eight gigabyte sticks of four thousand megahertz uh g-skill cl18 memory where it did boot but it didn't make it to windows on the new zen three processors both the 5900x and the 5950x.

However on the 3950x i had here it did pretty much just crash straight away it wouldn't even boot so it does look like there's an improvement and this same thing happened on the 10900k where that managed to just make it to windows before it crashed now i know these memory sticks do work properly i have tested them on the 10980xe i have here in quad channel and the 4000 megahertz xmp profile does indeed work fine so that being said it feels like the imc on zen 3 hasn't been majorly improved versus zen 2 where i did have 3 600 megahertz cl 16 corsair dominator sticks working on all the cpus tested in today's review anyways you're probably wondering now should i think about buying a 5900x or a 5950x and we'll talk about the 5950x in a dedicated video on its own the 5900x at 549 dollars it's a really good choice if you want to get the latest and greatest you want that single core performance you want something that's going to be a gaming champion but you also want something that's going to do a lot of productivity as well whether it be video editing or whether it be rendering an animation or just sitting back in your chair and constantly looping cinebench r20 just to say hey i've got an amazing cpu if the answer is yes to any of these three questions then the 5900x is going to serve you very well and the overclocking headroom as we saw here is absolutely phenomenal.

Though do keep in mind you do not get a raised prism cooler included this time as opposed to the 3900x which originally did have a raised prism cooler included so you do lose that little bit of value as well on top of the 50 price increase versus the 499 versus the 549 but you are getting the really amazing ipc gains as well as that extra overclocking headroom which does look very healthy at least from what i can see here at the studio anyhow if you enjoyed today's review then be sure to hit that like button for us and also let us know in the comment section below what you think of the new zen 3 processors are you digging them is it your kettle of fish love reading your thoughts and opinions there's always just like this question of the day here which comes from elfaran ellisol and they ask how about the 3300x wonder if my current a320m can handle it and they're referring to our a320.