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Meat Grinder Song Lyrics Meaning - Madvillain

Read Madvillain - Meat Grinder Lyrics Song Meaning Explained.

Album: Madvillainy
Release Date: March 23, 2004
Record Label: Stones Throw Records
Songwriter: Americo Galindez
Producer: Madlib

This sample comes from the Frank Zappa song Sleeping in a Jar, which comes from his album Uncle Meat. The album title might have inspired the name Meat Grinder. The sample begins at the end of the song Accordion, and sound effects continue to play throughout the song in the background, such as a pig snort, possibly continuing to play into the meat theme.

He’s “tripping off the beat”, that is, hallucinating as if on drugs. “Dripping off the meat grinder” is a metaphor for “fresh”, as in Madlib’s crazy production on this track.

“Tripping off the beat” may also refer to DOOM’s off-kilter flow. The expression “trip/roll off the tongue”, means “to say something with ease”. It might mean that he spits lyrics without effort, like a grinder that easily grinds meat. The meat comes off the grinder raw, much like Madvillain’s productions. And of course comparing music to food is a major preoccupation of MF DOOM.

DOOM is pimping a young stripper named China who forges signatures on checks (neat signer).
The literary technique of sibilance (repetition of the ’S' sound) is prominent here. “Heat niner” could be a reference to a 9mm pistol. Followed by China in the subsequent line it leads us to the QSZ-92, a Chinese pistol. “Signer” may be used as a play-on-word as it sounds similar to “sino”, which means relating to China.

China has been talking to herself a lot during their interaction, leading DOOM to wonder if she has mild schizophrenia. It doesn’t matter though, she has decent tits.

Cryptic line, open to interpretation. Note that we’re in a continuation of “quarter to nine” to “ten eleven”.

1. Since 10-11 on the clock, China is glad to have found a friend in DOOM.
2. She has been a happy Christian since 10-11 years old .
3. John 10:11 is a biblical reference which is used in the classic afro-American poem We Wear the Mask.

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.

From this Pitchfork article, “10/11” was an update from “9/11” after DOOM re-cut lyrics two years after the original demo leaked: Searching for Tomorrow: The Story of Madlib and DOOM's Madvillainy — Pitchfork
Ten years after the release of Madlib and DOOM's mind meld of an album, Jeff Weiss traces the history of Madvillain and details how these two mystifying artists came together for a rap classic.
This could have created a much darker meaning, implying that the 9/11 attacks caused a depression in China that DOOM helped cure.

A clever dual reference, to 1. touch football and 2. Sesame Street

1. In touch football there is no blocking, so to “rush” the quarterback, a player typically has to count up to a certain number (usually 3, 5, or 7) out loud, and to ensure that they are counting full seconds they say a word like “alligator” or “Mississippi” out loud in between each number.

2. DOOM, a world-class expert in 1970s television, is also referencing a famous cartoon that ran on Sesame Street—“The Alligator King”, a comic allegory about filial piety. Notably, the Alligator King in question has seven sons, and the educational purpose of the song is to teach kids about the number “7”.

It could possibly refer to 7-A-7: God Allah God in supreme alphabet and mathematics. God is always the “last down”. MF DOOM was/is a member of the Nation of Gods and Earth, who say stuff like this often. He could be saying that he is on his “last down”, or last chance, with this girl but, there’s no hope for a piece of heaven. She’s is a little bit too Christian for him. Also note that Miles Davis has an album called Seven Steps To Heaven.

DOOM is still talking about the stripper China here, she is now dancing real slow and teasing him (what strippers do), but she won’t give DOOM the real love he craves, making him a “hopeless romancer”.

The original line on the song from the demo was “hopeless romancer with the dopest flow stanzas”.

What the line “dopest flow stanzas” does now by omitting “with the” is it shifts the entire story of the track to MF DOOM bragging about his abilities, while still acknowledging the previous story. As Open Mike Eagle mentions in Vox’s Rapping Deconstructed article, MF DOOM does this often. Destro is a villain from G.I. Joe who, like the villian MF DOOM, also sports a metal mask.

DOOM answers his own question about having the “dopest flows” with an “I guess” and sites this is because of his work is “still incredible in escrow”.

Property “in escrow” has been deposited with a third party pending the performance of certain conditions, at which point it is released.

This seems to reference the long delays incident to the Madvillain record, with DOOM claiming to be “still incredible” even when his record is being held by his label, unreleased, perhaps while he adds tracks to compensate for the ones that were leaked onto the internet in 2003.

To add to this, the original lyric of this line, which can be heard on the Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix song “Never Go Pop”, was “still incredible how cess grow”. This means that the line about being incredible in escrow was literally one of the things on the album that was being held in escrow.

Madlib, (the producer), was born in California on the west side of USA, meaning, it’s a Wild West style fest, a style fest of Madlib’s beats and DOOM’s lyrics. Also a subtle allusion to the classic hip-hop film Wild Style, which MF DOOM sampled on the intros of both his debut album, Operation: Doomsday, and his 2004 follow up MM..FOOD. It would be dangerous to be standing while he’s spraying his lyrical bullets wild west style, so it’s “best to lay low”.

Day-Glo is a florescent paint company, while Maaco is an auto insurance repair shop and auto paint company. The term “paint” in blackjack refers to any queen, king, or jack. “Maaco” refers to the idea of insurance, which in blackjack is a type of bet. Insurance can only happen when the dealer’s face-up card is an ace. This quote means that the dealer has an ace and that DOOM thinks the dealer’s face-down card is “painted.”

DOOM describes himself as a despised black man who does odd things. It’s evident, in the condition of his shoes.

DOOM was/is a member of the Five-Percent Nation. Five-Percenters commonly refer to each other as God (which is where the term “G” game from). DOOM is the most hated brother on the block.

‘'Odd favors’‘ may refer to the things DOOM had done to cause everyone to hate him.
Rod Lavers are a type of shoe put out by famous Australian tennis player, Rod Laver.

The Rod Lavers are not damaged, they are perforated by design (have holes in the leather), although DOOM could also mean that the shoes themselves were damaged as a result of the odd favors perpetrated. More realistically it’s that the shoes are lame and his friends think they’re wack. That would make sense of him saying “Lord save us” in the next line. He’s got four different pairs of them (Quad flavors) and they all look bogus.