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Gnat Song Lyrics Meaning - Eminem

Read the Eminem - Gnat Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : Music to Be Murdered By: Side B Release Date : December 18, 2020 Record Label : Shady, Aftermath, Interscope Records Songwriter : Eminem Producer : Dr. Dre , Eminem, d.a. got that dope This is one of the producer tags of Chicago producer d.a. got that dope. It’s spoken by Ohama Bam, and has become so recognisable he changed his name from DA Doman. He has also produced 3 other songs for Eminem’s album Music to Be Murdered By: “Godzilla,” “No Regrets” and “Those Kinda Nights.” Eminem uses the origins of the virus to make a pun about how he wastes no time offering hard-hitting lyrics. He may also be implying that his lyrics are infectious or difficult to stomach. Em has frequently brought up the coronavirus in 2020 and he mentions the worldwide phenomenon throughout Music to Be Murdered By: Side B, starting with “Alfred’s Theme.”

Zeus Song Lyrics Meaning - Eminem ft. White Gold

Read the Eminem featuring. White Gold - Zeus Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : Music to Be Murdered By – Side B Release Date : December 18, 2020 Record Label : Shady, Aftermath, Interscope Records Songwriter : Eminem Producer : Dr. Dre, Eminem, Blacknailz, Blu2th Eminem finds it ironic that he should face such stark criticism while Tekashi 6ix9ine ends up topping the Billboard charts fresh out of prison. In June 2020, two months after his early release, he and Nicki Minaj went to number one with “Trollz.” Tekashi is not exactly known for his lyricism, but he has a well-documented history of controversy and legal issues which include racketeering and sexual assault. Em elaborates on the “wishy-washy” taste of many hip-hop fans by segueing into a subtle allusion to his long-running beef with Machine Gun Kelly. This line doubles as wordplay for machine-washing clothes and a fair weather friend is someone who only sticks around during the good times. The two traded diss tra

Body Song Lyrics Meaning - Megan Thee Stallion

Read the Megan Thee Stallion - Body Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : Good News Release Date : November 20, 2020 Record Label : 1501 Certified, 300 Records Songwriter : Megan Pete, Julian Mason, Christophe Petrel Producer : LilJuMadeDaBeat Baby back ribs are a pork dish taken from the loin of the pig. They’re usually cooked with barbecue sauce and are smaller in size than spare ribs. Megan is saucy — stylish, confident, and good looking — so much so that whoever she’s romantic with will never go back to their original partner. Megan references the Netflix original show Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness, which is a true-crime story following the tension between Joe Exotic’s abuse and profit off of big cats and a conservationist group aiming to protect the wild animals. Carole Baskin is a real-life activist who runs the Big Cat Rescue animal sanctuary and was featured in the show. She drew attention from fans because of her work against Exotic and the conspiracy

Punk Monk Song Lyrics Meaning - Playboi Carti

Read the Playboi Carti - Punk Monk Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Album : Whole Lotta Red Release Date : December 2020 Record Label : AWGE Records Songwriter : Playboi Carti Producer : Lucian (Neilaworld), Lukrative & F1lthy Carti implies that he tried to co-sign Trippie Redd before the world knew about him. Both artists have collaborated numerous times on songs like “They Afraid of You” and leaked songs like “Arm & Leg” and “Exotic”. Lil Keed is an Atlanta artist signed to YSL Records and 300 Entertainment. Carti implies that he supported Keed ahead of the release of his break out hit, “Blicky Blicky”. Both Keed and Carti have teased a collaboration on Instagram. Keed posted a picture of him in a full on red outfit, with the caption - Whole lotta Red. Later on it was revealed Carti was supposed to be featured on the deluxe version of Lil Keed’s album “Trapped On Cleveland 3” but did not appear for unknown reasons.

Good Days Song Lyrics Meaning - SZA

Read the SZA - Good Days Lyrics Song Meaning Explained. Release Date : December 2020 Record Label : Republic Records Producer : Los Hendrix, Nascent, Carter Lang She has lost so much of herself in this relationship. He made her feel bad and now she is in a lack of confidence, she is no longer trusting herself. Basically, she is claiming that she is trying to keep herself in a healthy place before she loses the few sanity she has left. SZA creates a clever play on words by using the using the homophones “sense" and “cents.” She implies that she is trying to understand the sporadic and minimal communication her lover has given her. This lack of contact represents “loose change,” a combination here of coins and partial understanding. Regardless of SZA’s efforts to add up the pieces, she still cannot come up with the complete, total amount.