Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Good Days Song Lyrics Meaning - SZA

Read the SZA - Good Days Lyrics Song Meaning Explained.

Release Date: December 2020
Record Label: Republic Records
Producer: Los Hendrix, Nascent, Carter Lang

She has lost so much of herself in this relationship. He made her feel bad and now she is in a lack of confidence, she is no longer trusting herself. Basically, she is claiming that she is trying to keep herself in a healthy place before she loses the few sanity she has left.

SZA creates a clever play on words by using the using the homophones “sense" and “cents.” She implies that she is trying to understand the sporadic and minimal communication her lover has given her. This lack of contact represents “loose change,” a combination here of coins and partial understanding. Regardless of SZA’s efforts to add up the pieces, she still cannot come up with the complete, total amount.

Referencing an earlier line, where SZA states that her partner is “heavy in [her] mind,” she considers ending their relationship. Which includes dropping the metaphorical weight of her partner so that she can grow.

Basically, she is implying that all she can do is to watch from the outside everything she has been building break up. In the upcoming lines, SZA implies that there is no way of controlling the way life goes, she doesn’t have control over the narrative. The only thing that she can control is the way she reacts to it.

SZA calls her fate “armored” because she is trying to get herself behind the idea that no one has authority over her future. It is protected. All she can do is be happy with what she has because there is nothing she can control about tomorrow except how she feels.

This lyric is a reference to the Battle of Jericho in the biblical Book of Joshua in which the Israelites marched around the city-state of Jericho, persevering until its walls fell down.

SZA uses this simile to describe that her safety or sense of control is falling just like the walls of Jericho.

This is reference to the biblical figure of Job, a wealthy and moral man who, after God gives permission to Satan to test his faith, loses his family, his health, and his property.

SZA is making a clever play on words with “lost his shit” – she is not concerned about losing her material goods as Job did, but rather losing control and breaking down. The phrase cross to bear refers to a burden or trial that one must endure, alluding to the cross carried by Jesus on the way to his own crucifixion. However SZA has no aid in dealing with the weight of her emotional burden as she carries it alone.