Saturday, December 26, 2020

Punk Monk Song Lyrics Meaning - Playboi Carti

Read the Playboi Carti - Punk Monk Lyrics Song Meaning Explained.

Album: Whole Lotta Red
Release Date: December 2020
Record Label: AWGE Records
Songwriter: Playboi Carti
Producer: Lucian (Neilaworld), Lukrative & F1lthy

Carti implies that he tried to co-sign Trippie Redd before the world knew about him. Both artists have collaborated numerous times on songs like “They Afraid of You” and leaked songs like “Arm & Leg” and “Exotic”.

Lil Keed is an Atlanta artist signed to YSL Records and 300 Entertainment. Carti implies that he supported Keed ahead of the release of his break out hit, “Blicky Blicky”.

Both Keed and Carti have teased a collaboration on Instagram. Keed posted a picture of him in a full on red outfit, with the caption - Whole lotta Red. Later on it was revealed Carti was supposed to be featured on the deluxe version of Lil Keed’s album “Trapped On Cleveland 3” but did not appear for unknown reasons.

This line is Implying that Carti thought he “had” Pi'erre (possibly on WLR), but, Interscope, the label of both artists, had gotten between the two, which could be why Pi'erre production doesn’t appear a lot on this album. Pi'erre is a frequent collaborator of Carti who produced his hit single “Magnolia” and other songs such as “Place,” “ILoveUIHateU,” “RIP,” and many more. Both Carti and Pi'erre have also collaborated as artists on many tracks such as “Right Now,” “Yo Pi'erre,” and “Bands Up.” Pi'erre himself has a successful career since he himself, has worked with other artists such as Drake, Travis Scott and Kanye West.

Here, Carti references his early years of rapping while he was still in high school. Carti and his former close friend UnoTheActivist were budding stars in the local Atlanta music scene, and they looked to Atlanta legends KEY! and ManMan Savage for guidance both in their music careers and in the streets. The second line “Ridin' ‘round the hood, I was ridin’ with the ratchet” also refers to this time period, as Carti and Uno were both young and reckless during this time, and heavily into criminal activities.

While Carti hasn’t spoken publicly about this time period much, Uno touched on the subject in detail in a 2020 No Jumper Interview. When asked about his appearance in Carti’s first music video for the song Cry, he said:

The Cry video… that shit was hard... I ain’t gon' lie, at that specific time, I was really - I was really, really running in the streets… like, breaking into houses and shit… breaking into cribs in the neighborhood across the street and shit like that.

Playboi Carti refers to the beef between Lil Uzi Vert and Offset. In May 2017, Uzi donned a pendant with upside-down crosses at the Billboard Music Awards, which led to Offset taking shots at the trend of rappers repping inverted crosses in an Instagram Story:

All of y'all n—s wearing upside-down crosses, stop that shit. You look lame, all that worship the devil shit. Get with God, man.

Offset urged for rappers to “cut that shit out,” igniting a response from SahBabii, who lashed out against Offset in multiple social media posts, saying he’d fight him. Offset retorted by calling out SahBabii for falsely representing gangs. Uzi joined the conflict on Sah’s side by posting an image on Instagram with an inverted cross to troll Offset.

Carti has an extensive collaboration history with both artists—all three of them linked up on July 2016’s “Of Course We Ghetto Flowers.”