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Accordion Song Lyrics Meaning - Madvillain

Read Madvillain - Accordion Lyrics Song Meaning Explained.

Album: Madvillainy
Release Date: March 23, 2004
Record Label: Stones Throw Records
Songwriter: Americo Galindez
Producer: Madlib

The hour of his death. Refer to the next couple lines for evidence. To knock also means to ignore or downplay. Could be about the mainstream ignoring excellent hip hop (eg, the ‘slick blaster’, Madvillain). DOOM knew he’d be famous. Here, he’s predicting it’ll be during the final hours of his life.

Daniel Dumile (DOOM’s real name) and Madlib begin with a double “D” and “M” like Dick Dastardly and Muttley (however, some research suggests that it is possible that DOOM’s real name isn’t Daniel. Dick Dastardly could also stand for Dr. Doom). Fellow villains Dick Dastardly and Muttley are cartoon characters – a man and a dog, respectively – that appeared in a number of Hanna Barbera shows. Dick Dastardly is the one that does the talking, just like DOOM. Muttley had a trademark wheezing laugh, heard in the background after the line is delivered, hence “sick laughter”.

A reference to the expression “to bring a knife to a gunfight,” that is, to enter into a conflict without the means to win it. The mix-master’s rivals (Madvillain’s enemies) are similarly over-matched. “Cut” is a play on words– DJs “cut” records, and knives “cut” in knife-fights. “Cut” could also refer to attempts to “cut” the song or record short.

DOOM also refers to himself as the “mixmaster” in this line. So even if this was a knife fight, he’d still win, being a master of cutting (music). This could also be a reference to the legendary Mixmaster Ice, of the hip-hop trio UTFO.

Ice is cold, but here DOOM is referring to how his personality is lacking in passion, emotion, enthusiasm, ardor, etc. OOM was 33 years of age when the album Madvillainy was recorded. His birth date is January 9, 1971.

Though 33 seems middle-aged, in the rap world it makes you geriatric. Or at least it used to, before we all got accustomed to a forty-something Jay-Z.

Also, 33 can be considered old when you live dangerously, because you’ve seen so many people’s lives get cut short in their youth. When a person gets older, he gets colder and DOOM enjoys that process. Like he says in “Figaro”: As he get older he gets colder than a witch tit.

He’s living ahead of his time, continuing the thematic concern of time and age (“living off borrowed time the clock ticks faster”).

“Y2G” means “year 2 grand”, referring to the year 2000. “Stee twice to threefold” means from two to three times, meaning DOOM is providing futuristic rap from the year 4000 or 6000 CE.

He could also be asking “Why two g?” (it’s worth noting that a “G” and a “K” can both mean a thousand) as in why should he only get $2000 when he could get $4000 or even $6000. Another interpretation of the line is “Y2G steez,” “steez” meaning style, so DOOM is saying his style is futuristic, times two to three.

Finally, the year 2000 was thought to be the end of the world by a pretty large population of people, this plays on his Operation: Doomsday/Dr. Doom villainy theme. He is introducing destruction of the world times two to three and money in the same line. With “Y2G” meaning the same thing as “Y2K”, the “doomsday” meaning connects to the “living off borrowed time” line.

DOOM mentions ghost writing lyrics for other rappers in other songs. He’s so good that other people owe their success to him, lo and behold! This may also be a reference to Dr. Malachi York, the pamphlets/knowledge his quasi-Muslim organization distributed were referred to as “scrolls”. MF DOOM had once studied his teachings.

The use of the word “scrolls”, could also be be commenting on how old he is. Back to a time thousands of years in the past when ghost-written verses were written on scrolls. He uses the archaic idea of this as a clever juxtaposition with the futurism in “Y2G stee” the line prior.

The Greatest Story (Ever) Told is a 1965 film about the life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The next line states “keep your glory, gold and glitter”. There’s an expression that states great quests were done for “Gold, God and Glory”; here DOOM excludes the “God” reference, implying he’ll keep with God, the other’s can have the rest (i.e., Gold (glitter) and Glory).

This is in direct reference to Jesus' betrayal at the hands of Judas for 30 silver pieces, following into the next line. DOOM knows that fame and glory will only lead to detriment. The second line is reminiscent of one from Nas' classic verse on “Verbal Intercourse”:

Through the lights, cameras, and action glamour glitters and gold
I unfold the scroll, plant seeds to stampede the globe

Like Nas, DOOM is rejecting things characteristically sought after in hip hop: fame and fortune. “He sold scrolls” two lines back sounds like “I unfold the scroll”; we can probably assume DOOM heard the verse.

PROPOSED SUGGESTION: He also goes on in the next lines to talk about how even friends would kill each other for money, similarly to how Judas turned over Jesus for 30 silver pieces. This is one of the reasons that he rejects “gold and glory.”

For half of a rich man’s wealth, fifty percent of his friends will kill him. The only reason the other half won’t is because they’re already rich.

This follows on from the religious context of the prior lines (see: The Greatest Story (Ever) Told). The story of Judas' betrayal of Jesus coincides with DOOM’s beliefs that those closest to you will betray you out of jealousy of your “glory” and “gold”.

This dismal outlook on black wealth is also explored in “Deep Fried Frendz”: The ending of “don’t mean shit-ta [Villain]” implies that whether you’re rich or not, Madvillain will still kill you for what you’ve got. Villain is both a street gangster who would kill to rob a man, and a rich guy. Presumably with the mask on, and the mask off, respectively. The only constant is his boozing. Or, it could be interpreted as both MF DOOM and Madlib– the members of Madvillain, and of course some booze.

People use juice or pop as chasers, to sweeten the liquor or chaser pills to prevent hangovers, either way DOOM uses beer to chase his liquor.

Truth or dare here, may mean in high school or elementary when they dare you to taste beer or something. Truth or dare is also sometimes played with a bottle. Drinking alcohol can unintentionally cause you to play truth or dare; either by accidentally spill the truth or by making you do some crazy stuff.

He brings up the game truth or dare because he’s daring the listener to taste it. The drink is so alcoholic (since he’s using more beer as a chaser rather than something non-alcoholic) he doesn’t think you’ll be able to handle it. It doubles up as a metaphor for his music which he is inviting you to listen to though it’s probably too strong for many to handle.

When DOOM steps up to rap, people know shit’s about to get real. One cliche about pirates is that they wear patches because they are missing an eye – hence “eye out”. DOOM is basically warning the people in the audience to keep a sharp eye out for what’s about to take place on the stage.

Another theory could point to the third eye (also known as the inner eye). It is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. This plays well with the previous line about knowing what is to happen next. DOOM also repeats the homophone “I” three times: “Eye… Aye, Aye”.

A play on the classic “if a tree falls in the forest” Buddhist koan. Questioning the social aspect of fandom. Would you still be a fan if you couldn’t share it with anybody? “Clapping” could mean both the applause of the audience and gun-play.

This line and the next one is a gangsters paradox. DOOM is proposing that, in the hood, you are considered a “fly guy” for killing or “clapping” someone. However, if nobody is there to witness the killing, there is not evidence, or confirmation that you did it. Therefore, the downside to someone witnessing it is that they could rat you out. The paradox being you want people to know that you’re a killer but you don’t want witnesses.