Vakeel Saab Movie Reviews

Verdict: Film Critics have given Positive Reviews to Vakeel Saab Movie Starring Pawan Kalyan, Nivetha Thomas, Anjali, Ananya Nagalla, Prakash Raj, Shruthi Haasan.

Vakeel Saab Reviews

Ratings: 6.03/10

Reviews Counted: 26
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Tollywood Telugu Vakeel Saab Movie Reviews.
Director: Venu Sriram
Producer: Dil Raju, Sirish
Writer: Venu Sriram
Genre: Legal Drama
Release Date: 9 April 2021

Haricharan Pudipeddi | Hindustan Times: - | 6/10
Vakeel Saab is more massy and lightweight. It might lack the seriousness in which it chooses to address the issue, but it does know how to make an impact with a star like Pawan Kalyan ... Full Review

Neeshita Nyayapati | Times of India: 3.5/5 | 7/10
Watch this one for the performances, especially if you’re a fan of Pawan Kalyan, Nivetha Thomas and Anjali. Also watch it if you’re a fan of masala potboilers backed by a strong message ... Full Review

The Indian Express: 3/5 | 6/10
When a huge star like Pawan Kalyan emotionally makes a strong case for consent and respecting boundaries, the message will reach far and wide. Also, the face-off between Prakash Raj and Pawan in the courtroom is highly entertaining ... Full Review

The New Indian Express: - | 3/10
This Pawan Kalyan-starrer is a criminal disservice to the original ... Full Review

Film Companion: - | 7/10
Actors are always performing for the camera—and the audience. But we, as viewers, look beyond their characters. Hence, when people who have massive followers talk about consent, it cements the fact into the minds of the listeners permanently ... Full Review

The Hindu: - | 6/10
Pawan Kalyan amplifies ‘no means no’ in a masala-laced adaptation ... Full Review

Telangana Today: - | 7/10
Not just a court room drama. Pawan Kalyan energises the whistle filling opportunities in the script ... Full Review

Rediff: 3.5/5 | 7/10
Vakeel Saab is an out-and-out Pawan Kalyan show, where he makes his point sometimes with a pen and at times with a punch ... Full Review

Gulte: 2.75/5 | 5.5/10
Vakeel Saab clearly lacks the strong elements that a winner should have. But being a Pawan Kalyan’s movie, that too when it is coming after a gap of three years, it might pull the fans to theaters ... Full Review

123 Telugu: 3.5/5 | 7/10
Vakeel Saab is an emotional courtroom drama with a good message. Pawan Kalyan makes a solid comeback and gives an outstanding performance ... Full Review

Mirchi9: 2.25/5 | 4.5/10
Unfortunately, Vakeel Saab takes the very approach that one least expects. It is a classic case of how to ruin perfectly likeable content with needless commercial diversions ... Full Review

Behind Woods: 3/5 | 6/10
Pawan Kalyan plays to the gallery when he says that a no from a woman is to read as no and not as anything else in this mostly faithful remake ... Full Review

India Glitz: 3.25/5 | 6.5/10
'Vakeel Saab' is a winsome courtroom drama that shames the prevailing misogyny and anti-women mindsets. Pawan Kalyan milks his ease and swag to make the proceedings appealing to the mass audience ... Full Review

Telugu360: 3/5 | 6/10
Movie starts off well but derails while in flashback episodes in the first half and finally goes on track in the second half. Overall, Vakeel Saab is a watchable fare ... Full Review

Telugu In: 3/5 | 6/10
But on the flip side, a rather weak flashback, and a bit too many hero-centric scenes tamper the flow of the film. To sum it up, Vakeel Saab a partly engaging social drama ... Full Review

Great Andhra: 3/5 | 6/10
“Vakeel Saab” is a movie with a message in a commercial format. Some portions have worked well, some have not. But it makes a perfect comeback for Pawan Kalyan ... Full Review

Sakshi Post: - | 5.5/10
The narration is a bit slow in the second half. Vakeel Saab elevates Pawan Kalyan more than the issue itself The movie will be a new genre to the Telugu audiences ... Full Review

FirstPost: 3.25/5 | 6.5/10
Pawan Kalyan's Telugu remake of Pink is compelling when it sticks to source material. Vakeel Saab wants to fight the right fight, even when it turns its gaze away from the three women at the centre of all the drama to glorify its lead actor ... Full Review

Deccan Chronicle: 3/5 | 6/10
While this remake stays true to the original Bollywood super hit film, the director ensures his star cast delivers quite a punch too ... Full Review

Sify: 3/5 | 6/10
‘Vakeel Saab’ makes a solid case for the need to change ‘choopu’ (gaze) on women and come out of a patriarchal mindset about a woman’s consent. It is a more commercialized version of ‘Pink’, and serves Pawan Kalyan’s image, but still, it makes a compelling watch ... Full Review

Cinestaan: 2/4 | 5/10
A loud, highly commercialized version of Pink. In spite of Pawan Kalyan’s rousing performance, the film becomes another hero-driven story wherein the core message — ‘no means no’ — is shrouded in layers of machismo ... Full Review

NTV Telugu: - | 6/10
Director Venu Sriram comes out with distinction as far as the second half is concerned. You will have complaints for sure about the first half, though. But even there, Pawan's intro and the interval block give a bang for the buck ... Full Review

Zoom TV: 3.5/5 | 7/10
Pawan Kalyan rules in this commercially-toned remake of Pink. The purpose of adding up some masala with too many stunt scenes, few noisy dialogues is understandable and forgivable ... Full Review

PinkVilla: 3/5 | 6/10
A remarkable remake enhanced by Pawan Kalyan's presence ... Full Review

Spotboye: 3/5 | 6/10
At the end of it all, I came away from Vakeel Saab unoffended. No harm done to the supposedly sacrosanct original. Even the two fights that have been added at the beginning and towards the end to amplify Pawan Kalayan’s star power, make sense ... Full Review

The Hans India: 3.25/5 | 6.5/10
As it has been a long time since we saw Pawan Kalyan on the silver screens, the fans will enjoy each and every second of his screen presence. His power-packed performance as Advocate Satyadev is an eye feast for the audience ... Full Review

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