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Verdict: Film Critics have given Mixed Reviews to Ankahi Kahaniya Movie Starring Abhishek Banerjee, T.J. Bhanu, Nikhil Dwivedi, Palomi Ghosh, Delzad Hiwale.
Ankahi Kahaniya Reviews
Ratings: 5.73/10

Score: 57%
Reviews Counted: 23
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Director: Abhishek Chaubey, Saket Chaudhary, Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari
Producer: Ronnie Screwvala, Ashi Dua
Writer: Piyush Gupta, Hussain Haidry, Shreyas Jain, Zeenat Lakhani, Nitesh Tiwari
Genre: Drama, Romance
Release Date: 17 September 2021 (on Netflix)

Rohan Naahar | Hindustan Times: - | 6/10
Abhishek Chaubey needs to get out of director jail ASAP; his short film in the new Netflix anthology is head and shoulders above the rest ... Full Review

Archika Khurana | Times of India: 3.5/5 | 7/10
A delightful anthology of love and emotions, an enjoyable and insightful watch ... Full Review

Sonil Dedhia | News18: - | 5.5/10
Ankahi Kahaniya is a mixed bag. The pace isn’t of primary importance here. All the filmmakers take their time to narrate their stories. If you are looking for happy endings then give this one a skip. But if you like slow-burn narratives, then you should give this a watch ... Full Review

Anupama Chopra | Film Companion: - | 4/10
Netflix Anthology Ankahi Kahaniyan Is All Downhill After Abhishek Chaubey’s Superb Short. Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari's short doesn't risk enough, while Saket Chaudhary's film is as bizarre as it is banal ... Full Review

Ektaa Malik | The Indian Express: 2/5 | 4/10
Stories in this Netflix anthology were better left unsaid. Feel free to skip this weak, slapdash effort from the makers ... Full Review

Saibal Chatterjee | NDTV: 2.5/5 | 6/10
Does Not Deserve To Go Unheard. Abhishek Chaubey's contribution transports us nearly four decades back in time and serves up a love story that is neither only about love nor just a story. It feels real and touches a nerve ... Full Review

Umesh Punwani | Koimoi: 4/5 | 8/10
There’s A Moment Between Letting Go & Attaining Closure, This Has Three Of Them!. It might speak against your thought process, but it'll do it in a way that you'll have to listen to it ... Full Review

Anna MM Vetticad | FirstPost: 2/5 | 4/10
It is but natural that in most anthologies, there will be one film that outshines the rest, but this is not the case with Ankahi Kahaniya – each of these three shorts is equally moderately likeable and equally unenthusing ... Full Review

Samriddhi Srivastava | India Today: 2/5 | 4/10
Fails to weave magic on screen. Ankahi Kahaniya isn't an all-out dark anthology, but at the same time, lacks compelling dialogues and witty humour ... Full Review

Leisure Byte: 4/5 | 8/10
Ankahi Kahaniya has two great stories and one not as great. However, it’s a solid anthology that talks about love and loneliness and how some things just remain unsaid ... Full Review

Nandini Ramnath | Scroll: - | 6/10
An absorbing triptych about saying what needs to be said. The film is visually ordinary but benefits from sensitive performances, especially from the lively and criminally underemployed Palomi ... Full Review

Deccan Herald: 3/5 | 6/10
Abhishek Banerjee is brilliant. Even after the film has lost its charm, he keeps you invested in it with his earnest performance ... Full Review

Shilajit Mitra | Cinema Express: 2.5/5 | 5/10
Two films have the stamp of convention, while a third one shines ... Full Review

Binged: 2.25/5 | 5.5/10
Strictly as a one-time watch. Quaint Stories Of Hope And Optimism ... Full Review

The LallanTop: - | 5.5/10
एक्टिंग तीनों फ़िल्मों के सभी एक्टर्स ने अच्छी की है. लेकिन ‘प्रदीप-परी’ और ‘नंदू- मंजरी’ की कहानी उतनी रोचक नहीं है. तो कुल बात ये है ‘अनकही कहानियां’ एक सिंपल एंथोलॉजी फ़िल्म है. जिसे आप चाहें तो देख सकते हैं. ये फ़िल्म बोर नहीं करेगी. लेकिन खत्म होने के बाद आपके ज़हन में भी नहीं टिकेगी ... Full Review

Stutee Ghosh | The Quint: 2.5/5 | 5.5/10
Abhishek Chaubey's Tender Short is a Clear Winner. Sandwiched between two rather tepid stories is a gem of a film about love, longing and the fierce need to let desire take flight ... Full Review

Bollywood Bubble: 3.5/5 | 7/10
The almost 2-hour anthology gives you a vivid experience that will stay with you for a while. Don’t miss it ... Full Review

Avinash Lohana | PinkVilla: 3/5 | 6/10
Needless to say because of the loose narrative, the actors also seemed a bit lost for direction throughout. There was definitely scope here, but the writing had a domino effect on the entire presentation. Lastly, the Ankahi Kahaniya are not entirely ‘ankahi’ but definitely unique and acute ... Full Review

Subhash K Jha | Spotboye: 3/5 | 6/10
One of the three stories that constitute this quaint compendium is so above the other two, and then, one of them is so awful that we are left with mixed feelings ... Full Review - | 6/10
कुल मिलाकर कहा जा सकता है कि अनकही कहानियां… प्यार. इमोशन्स और दर्द पर आधारित कहानियां हैं जो आज के दौर में भी लोगों को पसंद आएंगी ... Full Review

Outlook India: 3.5/5 | 7/10
When filmmakers delve into it as deepest interpersonal affection or the simplest pleasure, it must bring in fresher viewpoints too. I am glad that Ankahi Kahaniya doesn’t preach; instead, it looks at love as a possibility in all its forms! ... Full Review

Poulomi Das | News9 Live: 2/5 | 4/10
Ankahi Kahaniya is, at best, a cakewalk. For its next anthology, perhaps it would make sense if Netflix India decided to give itself an intervention ... Full Review

OTT Play: 3/5 | 6/10
Ankahi Kahaniya gives a distinct spin to love stories. This fresh take on loneliness, longing and infidelity makes this anthology worth the watch ... Full Review

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