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Verdict: Film Critics have given Mixed Reviews to Dhamaka Movie Starring Kartik Aaryan, Mrunal Thakur, Amruta Subhash, Vikas Kumar, Vishwajeet Pradhan.
Dhamaka Reviews
Ratings: 5.14/10

Score: 43%
Reviews Counted: 28
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Director: Ram Madhvani
Producer: Ronnie Screwvala, Amita Madhvani, Ram Madhvani
Writer: Puneet Sharma, Ram Madhvani
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: November 19, 2021 (on Netflix)

Monika Rawal Kukreja | Hindustan Times: - | 6/10
If you like thrillers, Dhamaka won't disappoint you and Kartik Aaryan, definitely impresses with his never-seen-before avatar and a convincing performance ... Full Review

Renuka Vyavahare | Times of India: 3/5 | 6/10
Dhamaka may not be explosive enough to change the narrative but, it is engaging. It also dares to remind the media why they are called the fourth pillar of democracy ... Full Review

Gautaman Bhaskaran | News18: - | 6/10
Kartik Aaryan starrer Dhamaka is pacy, and it may seem that there is never a dull moment. But it is does go overboard with some of the scenes ... Full Review

Anupama Chopra | Film Companion: - | 5.5/10
Dhamaka, On Netflix, Isn’t A Bad Film, But Doesn’t Match Ram Madhvani’s Previous Work. Ultimately, the scenario is too outlandish and the writing, too ordinary ... Full Review

Rahul Desai | Film Companion: - | 4/10
A Disappointing Emblem Of Hindi Cinema’s Journalist Problem. It doesn’t help that Kartik Aaryan, despite his best efforts, still appears to be a monologue away from turning Dhamaka into a romantic comedy ... Full Review

Komal Nahta | Film Information: - | 4/10
On the whole, Dhamaka is too ordinary a fare and will, therefore, not find much appreciation ... Full Review

Shubra Gupta | The Indian Express: 1/5 | 2/10
Lacks urgency, terror, tension. Kartik Aaryan film feels like a set. And everyone feels like they are acting out set-pieces ... Full Review

Shilajit Mitra | The New Indian Express: - | 4/10
A thriller undone by excess. It’s funny to see Bollywood get a chance to talk somebody down, and blow it spectacularly ... Full Review

Saibal Chatterjee | NDTV: 2.5/5 | 5/10
Despite Kartik Aryan's Panache, Takedown Of Indian Journalism Is More A Whimper Than A Bang. Kartik Aaryan fleshes out a believable television news anchor desperately seeking to regain his lost glory, conveying the restiveness and resolve of a man determined to go for broke no matter what ... Full Review

Bollywood Hungama: 3/5 | 6/10
Despite a slow second half DHAMAKA is an edge of the seat thriller that boasts of fine performances ... Full Review

Umesh Punwani | Koimoi: 2.5/5 | 5/10
All said and done, if it was released 10-15 years ago, it would’ve been an acceptable film but not in the world where better films than this in a similar category already exists ... Full Review

Devansh Sharma | FirstPost: 3.5/5 | 7/10
A sincere Kartik Aaryan in Ram Madhvani thriller that isn't explosive, but not exploitative either ... Full Review

Sukanya Verma | Rediff: 2.5/5 | 5/10
Dhamaka doesn't always hit the right buttons and Kartik Aaryan is a puny choice for a role of enormous calibre and incessant focus ... Full Review

DNAIndia: 3.5/5 | 7/10
Intense, riveting and honest performance as the hardball journalist Arjun Pathak, Kartik Aaryan's 2.0 act in 'Dhamaka' is unmissable ... Full Review

Mid-Day: 3/5 | 6/10
Opens with thunderous boom, but makes moderate impact. Ram Madhvani, with his unique filmmaking style, delivers with his latest outing, Dhamaka, which exposes you to a fair share of chills and thrills ... Full Review

Devesh Sharma | Filmfare: 3/5 | 6/10
Madhvani made him break the envelope and bring his vulnerabilities to the core. It takes him a while to get in the groove but as the film progresses, Kartik shows his emotive range ... Full Review

Ready Steady Cut: 2.5/5 | 5/10
Despite having the formula in remaking a film, Ram Madhvani’s Dhamaka is not getting up to par with the present-day context ... Full Review

Filmi Beat: 3/5 | 6/10
Kartik Aaryan Hits The Right Button And Pulls Off An Explosive Performance ... Full Review

Decider: - | 4/10
SKIP IT. While Dhamaka is a compelling thriller, its characters are shallow and difficult to engage with on an emotional level, leaving us with an emptiness by the time the credits roll ... Full Review

Jagran: 2.5/5 | 5/10
कार्तिक आर्यन के संजीदा अभिनय के बीच अतिरंजना के धमाके. ब्राॉडकास्ट मीडिया की कार्यशैली दिखाने में भी संजीदगी की कमी नजर आती है ... Full Review

Pankaj Shukla | Amar Ujala: 1/5 | 2/10
नेटफ्लिक्स की एक और कमजोर हिंदी फिल्म, कार्तिक आर्यन को फिर मिला कहानी से धोखा ... Full Review

Ravi Bule | ABP Live: 3/5 | 5.5/10
फिल्म की कथा-पटकथा-मेकिंग में हैं लोचे, कार्तिक आर्यन नहीं लगा पाए नैया पार ... Full Review

The LallanTop: - | 5/10
राम माधवानी जो ‘नीरजा’ में कर गए थे, वो ‘धमाका’ में नहीं दोहरा पाए हैं. एक अच्छी कहानी और स्क्रीन प्ले को यूं ज़ाया होते देखना दुखदाई है. लेकिन यही जीवन है ... Full Review

Money Control: - | 6/10
Adapted from a Korean film, 'Dhamaka' is highly watchable and, is highly effective in building suspense, but it gets lost in translation ... Full Review

The Quint: 3/5 | 6/10
Kartik Aaryan and a Short Runtime Make the Film Watchable ... Full Review

Shomini Sen | WIONews: - | 5/10
Dhamaka featuring Kartik Aaryan tries to throw light on the functions of 24/7 news channels in the country where TRP rules over logic and truth on many occasions ... Full Review

Bollywood Life: 3/5 | 6/10
Dhamaka flies high on Kartik Aaryan completely reinvented in dynamic form, with stupendous support from Amruta Subhash and Vikas Kumar. It's a well-made, taut thriller, with a superb, morally ambiguous undercurrent, and pin-point digs at the business of selling news, which could've benefited more from changing the Hindi adaptation a bit from its Korean original, especially in portions where the film lacks conviction for the conflict and motivations of its antagonist ... Full Review

Outlook India: 2/5 | 4/10
Starts With A Bang, Ends With A Whimper! 'Dhamaka', it is safe to say, fails to keep the audiences engrossed for its run time of over 100 minutes. ... Full Review

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