Verdict: Film Critics have given Mixed Reviews to Bob Biswas Movie Starring Abhishek Bachchan, Chitrangada Singh, Paran Bandopadhyay, Ronith Arora, Tina Desai.
Bob Biswas Reviews
Ratings: 5.28/10

Score: 43%
Reviews Counted: 28
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Director: Diya Annapurna Ghosh
Producer: Gauri Khan, Sujoy Ghosh, Gaurav Verma
Writer: Sujoy Ghosh, Raj Vasant
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Release Date: 3 December 2021 (on ZEE5)

Devarsi Ghosh | Hindustan Times: - | 5/10
A routine action thriller. Bob Biswas ends with an absolutely unnecessary reference to Kahaani. After two hours, we never get the answers to what made the original Bob Biswas so compelling ... Full Review

Hiren Kotwani | Times of India: 3.5/5 | 7/10
Even though there are a couple of loopholes and Bob Biswas is not as brilliant as Kahaani, it’s nonetheless an interesting thriller you must watch ... Full Review

Gautaman Bhaskaran | News18: - | 6/10
The plot is neatly tied, no loose ends here, with some mind-blowing performances. In fact, very few are likely to remember her Bob, and Bachchan could be eclipsed by Chatterjee. I still shudder when I think of that murderous glint in his eyes ... Full Review

Anupama Chopra | Film Companion: - | 4/10
A Delicious Idea Squandered By Its Curiously Lame Script. The narrative is neither suspenseful nor believable ... Full Review

Rahul Desai | Film Companion: - | 3/10
Misses The Target By A Bollywood Mile. It’s a sign of poor writing and world-building that it’s still not clear if Bob Biswas is situated in a post or pre-Kahaani world ... Full Review

Komal Nahta | Film Information: - | 4/10
Bob Biswas remains an average fare because it does not involve the viewers as much as is should. Diya Annapurna Ghosh’s direction is fair. While she has extracted good work from out of the actors, she seems to have sacrificed the intrigue value of the plot ... Full Review

Shubra Gupta | The Indian Express: 2.5/5 | 5/10
Every time Abhishek Bachchan gets a killing flare in his eyes, he makes us look. But parts of the plot are predictable and flat ... Full Review

The New Indian Express: 2.5/5 | 5/10
The approach not only guarantees future instalments but also lets a certain looseness slip into the narrative. This film, however, punts all that. The climax feels rushed. Bob has an appointment to keep, and can’t be late. Not even ‘ek minute’ ... Full Review

Saibal Chatterjee | NDTV: 2.5/5 | 5/10
Abhishek Bachchan's Spin-Off Is Disappointingly Pale Figure. The protagonist has no remembrance of things past. The audience does have memories of the crackling Kahaani. Comparisons are inevitable. The expectations remain largely unfulfilled ... Full Review

Bollywood Hungama: 3/5 | 6/10
BOB BISWAS is an interesting thriller and rests on a fine script, able direction and excellent performance ... Full Review

Umesh Punwani | Koimoi: 3.5/5 | 7/10
The mystery of this thriller lies in its tightly-knitted story, multiple mini shocks & well-packaged dialogues, thanks to the brilliance of Sujoy Ghosh ... Full Review

Anna MM Vetticad | FirstPost: 2/5 | 4/10
The script itself – unlike that of Kahaani – never quite gets under Bob’s skin. Bob Biswas has its moments, but struggles to lift off in totality ... Full Review

Namrata Joshi | The Hindu: - | 5.5/10
Despite his earnestness to play a challenging part, two hours is a short time to accept Abhishek Bachchan as Bob Biswas and erase Saswata Chatterjee from memory in this spin-off of ‘Kahaani’ ... Full Review

Sukanya Verma | Rediff: 2/5 | 4/10
This poorly paced movie is too dull to be a drama and shows no signs (or intrigue) of a thriller ... Full Review

DNAIndia: 3.5/5 | 7/10
'Bob Biswas' rides on Abhishek Bachchan's captivating performance and must be seen for its gripping plot, effective direction, and original story ... Full Review

Nandini Ramnath | Scroll: - | 4/10
Diya Ghosh ably steers the 131-minute movie past the serial kills and Bob’s occasional hand-wringing, but cannot prevent the inevitable sagging that accompanies Bob’s unsure shuffle ... Full Review

Devesh Sharma | Filmfare: 3/5 | 6/10
The film would have fallen flat if not for the performances. It’s a layered portrayal by Abhishek and can be counted as one of his best performances so far ... Full Review

Filmi Beat: 2/5 | 4/10
The debutante director needed a much better script when it came to calling the shots. With this Abhishek Bachchan-starrer, she barely touches the surface ... Full Review

OTT Play: 3/5 | 6/10
Abhishek Bachchan does justice to Saswata Chatterjee from Kahaani but story takes too long to develop ... Full Review

Binged: 2.25/5 | 4.5/10
Average Attempt, Undermined By Lacklustre Writing ... Full Review

Amar Ujala: 3.5/5 | 7/10
सुपारी किलर के किरदार में खूब जमे अभिषेक बच्चन, सुजॉय की बिटिया का दमदार डेब्यू. फिल्म की कहानी अच्छी है। पटकथा में जगह जगह काफी झोल हैं। हिंदी फिल्में देखने वाला कोई भी दर्शक क्लाइमेक्स में सीन दर सीन पहले ही बता सकता है कि अब क्या होने वाला है, सुजॉय के लेखन ने यहां मात खाई है ... Full Review

Joginder Tuteja | ABP Live: 3.5/5 | 7/10
Abhishek Bachchan embodies the role in a picture perfect way and one has to give it to him for not just getting the body language right of an introvert who is trying to find his true bearings ... Full Review

The Wire: - | 4/10
'Bob Biswas' Doesn't Know What Kind of Film it Wants to Be. It is one thing for a movie to be intentionally vague – making the audiences active participants – but it is quite the other for it to be clueless about that vagueness ... Full Review

Stutee Ghosh | The Quint: 2.5/5 | 5/10
Bob deserved a better spin off. This film tells us all about Bob that we never really wanted to know ... Full Review

PinkVilla: 2.5/5 | 6/10
Overall, Bob Biswas is a decent watch with some very good moments, that’s diluted a little by predictable storytelling ... Full Review

Lens Men Reviews: - | 6/10
Sujoy Ghosh’s attempt is to pitch this man as someone with a hefty emotional backstory. But the swift third act doesn’t help the movie achieve that heaviness ... Full Review

Outlook India: 2.5/5 | 5/10
Abhishek Bachchan Shines, But ‘Kahaani’s Thrilling Deadliness Is Somewhere Missing ... Full Review

Mashable: 3/5 | 6/10
Watch it for Abhishek Bachchan’s bold attempt at reinventing a character that was immortalized by Saswata Chatterjee. And then maybe follow it with the original if you don’t feel satiated, to remind yourself why the character needed its own story in the first place ... Full Review