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Verdict: Critics have given Positive Reviews to Human TV Web Series Starring Shefali Shah, Kirti Kulhari, Vishal Jethwa, Ram Kapoor, Mohan Agashe.

Human Reviews

Ratings: 6.58/10

Reviews Counted: 26
: 21 | : 5

Hindi Streaming TV Show Human Reviews.
Director: Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Mozez Singh
Producer: Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Aashin Shah
Writer: Ishani Banerjee, Arjun Bhandegaonkar, Aasif Moyal
Genre: Medical Thriller
Release Date: 14 January 2022 (on Disney+ Hotstar)

Devarsi Ghosh | Hindustan Times: n/a ⇨ 3/5
Shefali Shah gives a vicious performance in series about Big Pharma’s crimes. At the end of 400-plus minutes, despite some of its sensationalist bits, Human’s themes do land well ... Full Review

Hiren Kotwani | Times of India: n/a ⇨ 3/5
Human is an interesting series with a novel subject and unpredictable narrative that is sure to make you binge-watch it. At the same time, with barely a few light moments, it’s also very intense and can get morbid at times ... Full Review

Gautaman Bhaskaran/Sonil Dedhia | News18: n/a ⇨ 4/5
Shefali Shah Delivers Spine Chilling Performance in This Traumatizing Medical Drama ... Full Review

Shubra Gupta | The Indian Express: n/a ⇨ 2.5/5
Any piece of fiction which is subjected to tonal switches, from realistic threads to strands which are totally out of the left flank, is left floundering. ‘Human’ is neither fish nor fowl ... Full Review

Saibal Chatterjee | NDTV: 4/5
It is a deeply engrossing and thrilling medico-social series in which two women stand front and centre. This pair of strong, complex, difficult-to-decipher characters want to rule like the Begums of Bhopal ... Full Review

High on Films: n/a ⇨ 2.5/5
A Hasty Medical Thriller, Too Dark for its Own Good ... Full Review

Shubham Kulkarni | Koimoi: 4/5
Written by Mozez, Ishani Banerjee and 5 other writers (including dialogues), Human is a brave take on the dark underbelly of medical science we are hardly aware of. Of course, it is fiction, and that is how it must be consumed ... Full Review

India Today: n/a ⇨ 3.5/5
Dealing with different themes like class divide, medical malpractice, and illegal drug trials could have made Human an overwhelming watch, but the directors have succeeded in not convoluting the story. The web series gets you hooked right from the beginning and progresses at a comfortable pace ... Full Review

Rediff: 3/5
The story seems superficial for a couple of episodes, but it grips you subsequently and becomes very interesting by Episode 8. But the end was a little disappointing and could have been different in a better way ... Full Review

Nandini Ramnath | Scroll: n/a ⇨ 3.5/5
Occasionally concealed under designer wear, elegant soirees and smugness, Human gets up close with greed’s insatiable appetite as well as explores the low value of human life from a respectable distance ... Full Review

Filmi Beat: 3.5/5
Watch this one for the powerful performances by each of the cast members. Experience a spine chilling medical drama with this show ... Full Review

Outlook India: 3/5
Thrilling And Thought-Provoking, Yet Improbable At Junctures ... Full Review

Cinestaan: 3/4 ⇨ 4/5
Shefali Shah delivers a riveting performance in this menacing thriller ... Full Review 4/5
Layered And Well Researched Narrative That Keeps You Glued To Your Seat. Shefali Shah is outstanding in a challenging and intricate character, Kirti Kulhari never ceases to amaze and is a fantastic contrast for her, and they're supported by a stellar supporting team ... Full Review

Binged: 5.25/10 ⇨ 2.62/5
A Promising Complex Show Becomes Slow & Average ... Full Review

Peeping Moon: 3.5/5
Human is an engaging, thrilling and haunting tale of the underbelly of the medical system. It is taken a notch higher by an excellent star cast. Sit back, and enjoy the weekend with Shefali, Kirti and the cast of Human ... Full Review

OTT Play: 3/5
Shefali Shah's demonic performance, Kirti Kulhari's subtlety stand out in this exhausting series. The 10-episode series might tire and disturb you owing to the reality happening around you ... Full Review

Aaj Tak: n/a ⇨ 3.5/5
ये सीरीज मेडिकल की दुनिया का डार्क साइड दिखाती है. शुरू से लेकर अंत सीरीज आपको बांधे रखेगी. पर हां कई सीन्स आपके मन को विचलित भी कर सकते हैं ... Full Review

ABP Live: n/a ⇨ 4/5
Shefali Shah को देख रोंगटे हो जाएंगे खड़े, मेडिकल की दुनिया का ये सच बर्दाश्त नहीं कर पाएंगे आप! ... Full Review

Streaming Due: 3/5
The screenplay of the series is brilliant and this is the best part of the series, the story of the series has nothing much to show but the way it has been presented and the way the series unfolds its secrets was quite amazing ... Full Review

Glamsham: 3.5/5
A fairly compelling, twisted & disturbing web series ... Full Review

Telegraph India: n/a ⇨ 2.5/5
Human is watchable only in parts; trips over its own excesses ... Full Review

Lehren: 3.5/5
Well shot and well narrated with interesting multi tracks, the 10-episode show goes beyond fudging facts and figures, skipping crucial phases of drug trials at the cost of human lives or using traumatised girls and torture for a global experiment to kill feelings ... Full Review

Bollywood Life: 4/5
Shefali Shah is first rate in a highly complex and tough role, Kirti Kulhari never ceases to surprise and is a perfect foil to her, they're surrounded by a supporting cast to die for, and even if the performances weren't that good ... Full Review

Desi Martini: 3/5
Like the protagonist of the series, Human is over ambitious and too bleak in its own unique space. It is a task pushing yourself through it and by the end it hardly balances out for the story it aims to be ... Full Review

The News Minute: n/a ⇨ 2/5
A lack of realism and an ironic refusal to let its characters be more ‘human’ is what lets this medical drama down. Pop a chill pill – of the slang kind, not the recreational kind – and stay away ... Full Review

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