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Read Hindi Movie Gulmohar Reviews Starring Sharmila Tagore, Manoj Bajpayee, Simran, Suraj Sharma, Amol Palekar.

Gulmohar Reviews

Ratings: 6.88/10

Reviews Counted: 27
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Director: Rahul V. Chittella
Producer: Vikesh Bhutani, Rahul Chittella, Shujaat Saudagar
Writer: Rahul V. Chittella, Arpita Mukherjee
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 3 March 2023 (on Disney+ Hotstar)

Monika Rawal Kukreja | Hindustan Times: n/a ⇨ 6/10
This intriguing family saga is convincing and convoluted at the same time. The film is a bittersweet tale of a family, its values, and the fact that everyone is living their lives somewhere between fate and the choices they make ... Full Review

Dhaval Roy | Times of India: 3.5/5 ⇨ 7/10
Gulmohar's narrative loses pace in a few places, but it will still keep you interested throughout. Watch the movie to revel in the stories and characters, and you will find many heartbreaking yet heartwarming moments ... Full Review

News18: 4.5/5 ⇨ 9/10
Gulmohar, despite its large canvas, does not lend to any confusion. An immensely watchable family drama ... Full Review

Rahul Desai | Film Companion: n/a ⇨ 5.5/10
It’s frustrating because, nine times out of ten, with a setup like that and a cast so varied, a movie like Gulmohar makes you desperate to like it. It knows what it wants to say, but the depth of the message disrupts the treatment of the story ... Full Review

Komal Nahta | Film Information: n/a ⇨ 7/10
Gulmohar is a well-made and well-enacted film for the gentry. Rahul V. Chittalle’s direction is very sensitive. He has made a heartfelt film ... Full Review

The Indian Express: 3/5 ⇨ 6/10
An engrossing family drama. What gives the story of a dysfunctional family, with their secrets, a refreshing touch is the presence of stalwarts like Sharmila Tagore and Manoj Bajpayee ... Full Review

Saibal Chatterjee | NDTV: 4/5 ⇨ 8/10
An engaging, genteel family drama that flips open crypts of the mind and the heart and probes the discomfiting secrets and fears that lie buried down there ... Full Review

Shubham Kulkarni | Koimoi: 3.5/5 ⇨ 7/10
What’s Good: A moving story and an amazing Manoj Bajpayee with a very able cast unite to make a movie that is about the complexities of a family ... Full Review

FirstPost: n/a ⇨ 6.5/10
A feel-good film that lifts up your spirits. A simple family drama that explores interpersonal relationships ... Full Review

India Today: 4/5 ⇨ 8/10
Every home has a story to tell, if only the walls could speak... since they have stood witness to varied emotions; love, anger, tears, joy and sorrow and countless memories. Gulmohar is one such heartwarming tale ... Full Review

Anuj Kumar | The Hindu: n/a ⇨ 5.5/10
A family drama that looks good but doesn’t always feel right. The film is driven by identifiable characters and well-crafted performances by Manoj Bajpayee, Sharmila Tagore, and Amol Palekar ... Full Review

Sukanya Verma | Rediff: 3.5/5 ⇨ 7/10
Gulmohar offers a loaded, layered understanding of familial relationships and its indirect impact on the people at the periphery ... Full Review

Uday Bhatia | Live Mint: n/a ⇨ 6/10
A touching but derivative family drama. Strong performances notwithstanding, Rahul V Chittella's film feels too much like a reimagined ‘Monsoon Wedding’ ... Full Review

Cinema Express: 3.5/5 ⇨ 7/10
A well-woven family tale. The screenplay by writers Rahul v. Chittela and Arpita Mukherjee is gentle yet impactful ... Full Review

OTT Play: 4/5 ⇨ 8/10
'Home is where the heart is', prove Sharmila Tagore and Manoj Bajpayee with this beautiful film. After a long time, Gulmohar serves as a great piece of work, well scripted and superbly executed ... Full Review

Jagran: n/a ⇨ 6.5/10
Gulmohar provides not just for a good family drama, but also delves into the needs and desires of generations in a family. The first half of the film is intriguing, with the plot building up for the audiences to get into the world of Batras. But the film loses its momentum in the second half and becomes a laid-back regular drama ... Full Review

ABP Live: 4/5 ⇨ 8/10
A Wonderful Reflection On Family Dynamics. The thoughts of Sharmila Tagore on what is meant to be and what isn't will linger in your mind long after you've finished the movie ... Full Review

The Quint: 3.5/5 ⇨ 7/10
Gulmohar is an immensely watchable film with a cast that holds every thread together in a story about a family that is hanging on by one ... Full Review

Bollywood Life: 4/5 ⇨ 8/10
In a time when big, flourishing families have been replaced by neutral families or the now popular DINK couples (Double income, no kid), Gulmohar highlights the importance of family and how being near the loved ones can solve many of the stresses of today's day and age ... Full Review

PinkVilla: 3.5/5 ⇨ 7/10
Gulmohar is a satisfying watch that can be watched along with families. The show is primarily for those who enjoy art-house films and parallel cinema. It requires a certain degree of patience to feel the right essence. It is a tidy film that doesn't beat around the bush and stays true to what it has promised ... Full Review

Times Now News: n/a ⇨ 8/10
Gulmohar is a moving and relatable film - backed by solid performances, a touching storyline and sharp cinematography. It has characters and familial ties that will remind you of people in your daily life and it sees them with a lens devoid of judgement ... Full Review

News9 Live: n/a ⇨ 6/10
Great actors galore in good ol’ middle-of-the-road cinema. A diverse and effortless ensemble make Gulmohar a gentle dysfunctional family drama ... Full Review

Free Press Journal: 3/5 ⇨ 6/10
Gulmohar is an easy-breezy family drama you can savour this weekend but don’t expect anything extraordinary. A few scenes may jolt you, but they transport you to Shakun’s film ... Full Review

Mashable: n/a ⇨ 6/10
A Slow-Burn That Wrenches Your Heart But May Leave You Confused About All It Wants To Say ... Full Review

Latestly: 3/5 ⇨ 6/10
Manoj Bajpayee, Simran's Compelling Performances Propel This Uneven Family Drama Forward ... Full Review

News Byte App: 3.5/5 ⇨ 7/10
It's relatable, entertaining, and at the same time, heartwarming. Watching Tagore and Palekar back on the screens is a pure delight, and when has Bajpayee ever been disappointing with his performance? ... Full Review

India TV: n/a ⇨ 7/10
Sharmila Tagore-Manoj Bajpayee together are a treat to watch in intriguing family saga. Gulmohar is a family drama dealing with the turmoil of relationships and the tussle between responsibilities. The beauty of relationships lies in their confusion, as long as there is life, sulking and persuasion will continue ... Full Review

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