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Reviews Den is a site dedicated to provide Indian Movies and Web Series Reviews, aggregated from Top Publications.

How are Ratings Calculated?
These are Average Ratings calculated by adding up all the given ratings and divding by total no of reviews. Critics ratings in India are usually given out on a 5 Stars scale. We convert the Ratings from 0 to 10, multiplying by 2. A 3 star would be 6/10, 3.25/5 would become 6.5/10 and so on.

e.g., Times of India: 3.5/5 (Original Rating) ⇨ 7/10 (Assigned Rating)

How is Score Calculated?
Score represents the Total no. of Positive Reviews. For Example, if a given movie has 20 reviews out of which 15 are thumbs up and 5 are thumbs down, then the Score would be 75%.

What are Positive/Negative Score/Ratings?
Reviews Den methodology

● Positive (Green): 60% - 100% (6.0 - 10)
● Mixed (Yellow): 50% - 59% (5.0 - 5.9)
● Negative (Red): 0% - 49% (0 - 4.9)

What if no Ratings are given by the Critic?
Then we assign an appropriate rating after reading the review.

A Certain Critic gave the Movie 2.5/5 but your website reports 6/10, Why?
That's because some Critics consider 2.5/5 to be positive Score while others an average Score. We change the ratings based on how positive the review is.

What if the Readers think Ratings given looks like an 8/10 rather than 7/10?
There is no certain way to assume Ratings. Best Possible Ratings are given based on the review. If the Ratings are completely incorrect then please use the Contact Us page to notify us.

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